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2. Side B 24:58 (Subincision Records 2016)

Naples-based label musical presenting the mysterious works from these Japanese tipping tour for freaking Noise-Core sensations within the pure disturbance and destroying deeper contempt on non J-Pop culture mixing the pain and pleasure and torturing sounds like moans extremely, shall making your head explodes within these violent stuff coming out creeping from your damn stereo amplifiers; by the rehearsal of Sega Sega Sato crew producers Hikaru Tsunematsu as well as Italo Belladonna and Ameru Sato collaborations. 
As the front cover artworks by Zetha seems to be related to the old photographs editing off The Ring or Sadako versus Kayako inner-dreams drowning deeper within the Noise-Glitch effects begun or before Side A (Original Recording) went over your unconsciousness for about twenty-three minutes long and the plus additions of ten seconds finished – just remember that you’re already broken dead … For trying this filthy semi-pornographic based interference anonym sounds of the self-titled.

Sega Sega Sato: