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2 Funky Compared (Ariola/BMG 1993)

   Not just being a daughter of Hans Dufler – a well known saxophone player as the player and talents’ DNA alongside the likes for playing with Pink Floyd, Living Colour, Aretha Franklin or Van Morrison fetch Candy Dufler an international recognitions since she’s not only having a great looks but also a good sense over Jazz-Pop seminal female Dutch important saxophone player from Amsterdam (The Netherlands) given the taste of her sensuality hot performance over the third recording session releases – Sax-A-Go-Go (within the style of Soul-Jazz or Funk Jazz blending). 

   Feel free to get arousing and happy by listening to the best tunes of mostly instrumentals which echoed her shouts or moan that equally, sounding sexy let go release as the tapping beats or the friendly Pop tuning musical being the only thing you might cannot lose to focus since the beginning of the play started as Bob’s Jazz, Jamming, Man in The Desert, Mister Marvin and Pick Up The Pieces and Sunday Afternoon – really feeds the lovely fans of Pop-Jazz and Red-haired beauty Frisian babe …