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Trance-Former (Warner Bros. 1999)

   Crashed object fell on a forest of Rockwell, Maine lures an investigation by a local boy Hogarth whom finding out something that ate the transmission lines on the station as a giant robot creature which run off after seeing by Hogarth whom thought that it’s a sputnik satellite that military shot down crashing there. Being then tracking down and finding the robot to be docile and curious to learn to communicate to humans really exciting Hogarth trying to hide the giant inside the barn as he very impressed the robot with superman adventure comics there right after his dinner with his mother.
As one US agent also found out about the crash-site landing as well as the involving of Hogarth tracing them out to town but both Hogarth and The Iron Giant already settling on the ideal place among Dean the beatnik artist’s scrap metal sculptures and junkyard after witnessing sadly a hunters killing a deer. Even one day Hogarth mistakenly activates the giant robot’s weaponry system only by pointing a toy gun on it really concerning Dean while Agent Kent finally, found out about the presence of The Iron Giant and General Shannon Rogard’s military troops soon coming in to town to intercept the possibility of the hostile alien robot while its acting towards weapon by activating its own futuristic advance weapons system as only for self-defense didn’t quite knowing well by the US armed force. Michael Kamen making his tremendous orchestral tracks of instrumentals like usual – telling the story follows as the melodies and tunes strengthen the meaningful science-fiction/comedy-drama with the background due to ninety fifty seven or close by to the movie starring Eli Marinethal or Vin Diesel and Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Aniston – continued the wicked Kent convincing Rogard to start attacking the giant robot while the open-firing tanks and rockets and rifles and bigger guns bombarding The Iron Giant but that thing being protected by its own shield as it fought back and make plenty destructions around the area but also saving kids from the burning roof before crashing; almost vanishing the entire army troops and fleets before reminding by Hogarth’s words about being who ones chose to be self and by choosing superman – The Iron Giant flying up higher to intercepts the atomic bomb from hitting the failed target which is Rockwell, Maine as both blown out in such massive explosive. 
   Tracks like Can You Fix Yourself ?, Eating Art, Bedtime Stories, Hand Underfoot, We Gotta Hide and Space Car leads to the sad conclusion for the giant being honored as a statue; the good happy relationship between Dean and Hogarth’s mom – Annie but the robot really not actually destructed at all – cause the piece of it like the bolts starting to move by itself as well as other parts as far scattered as in Iceland trying to unites again as The Iron Giant makes the audiences felt relieving !


Don’t Eat The Candy (Paramount Music 2013)

   Duo witch exterminators of an actual siblings whom experiencing their dark-story during childhood taken as this German folklore tales of Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters starring Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton whom then figure out that their parents died miserably because of the fake news spreading by the evil grand witch Muriel (Famke Janssen) as their mother captured by the village folks and burn on the stake while their dad hanged to the tree by the same time since – the worst story for people of Augsburg didn’t stopping there as the cursing continues with the approaching of the next wiccan holiest celebration eve on the blood moon event most of the children went missing – kidnapped by the witches from the dark forest waiting to sacrifice them one by one to their ritual night ceremony so that the mayor hiring the infamous Hansel and Gretel to helping them but the sheriff and his deputies didn’t fully agree with that plan as they’re trying to give a hard time to the witch-killer siblings but failing big time to do it themselves.
Making friends with the local boy whom actually, a big fan of them Benjamin as well to the beautiful girl being accused for witch-crafting before Hansel saved her – Mina (which later on introducing herself as a friendly white witch) helping Hansel and Gretel stopping the terror made by the dark witches sisters and saving the children before the blood moon occurs. Music From The Motion Picture composing by Atli Orvarsson reacting much better collectively did pretty well in order to expressing the action and good fight sequences; the flash-back tales about how the siblings escapes from the gingerbread-house witch-crafting while they’re still young kids must be equally within the tracks of electronic-instrumental being orchestrated through Lost Children Crying Vol 2, Business is Good, Trolls Serve Witches, You Do The Bleeding to the reality facts that There Are Good Witches in The World as well as This Place Could Used a Bit of Color or The Fairy Tale, White Magic and Shoot Anything that Moves – all following the scenery various from the flawless fights to the beauty of Gretel and Mina or the funny moments when they’re trapping the silly witch with a pumpkin doll and recording sounds; the night flights for terror to the ritual battles against most of those sisterhood of types of witches on the Sabbath mountain-side. 
   Bleeding much but survived as they’re killing the evil ugly witches as promises; the final battle against Muriel reveals the truth about going back in time for the Hansel whose having sugary problems and Gretel as the last descendant of her mother - the great white witch beheading Muriel but lost Mina whom died on her wounded helping them as the mission accomplished and the witch hunting continues to Hansel and Gretel with their new companion: Benjamin and Edward the friendly troll to the foreign barren land and beyond …


Scomunica Aria (Danze Moderne 2017)

   The last not to be avoid as good Goth and extreme New Wave musical story telling on a recording session as this group from Alessandria, Italy really means that they’re not kind enough as your old New Wave disco-beats crew brings to the amateur version of Faith No More’s gun-fights but those semi-Industrial and Alternative Post-Rock and Nu Metal experiments within the seven written songs available there as Viridanse releasing their newest album via Hansel, Gretel E La Strega Cannibale – combining the exact non-popular Punk-Rock gothic themes and thus double pedals amusing terror riffs performance by guitarist Enrico Ferraris, bassist Flavio Gemma, drummer Erik Nalin or Gianluca Piscitello the vocalist as well as keyboardist Giancarlo Sansone through Alle Montagne Della Follia (At The Mountains of Madness), Il Grande Freddo (The Great Cold), Arkham onto Madre Terra (Mother Earth) binding the excellent of essential pleasure for those whom liking to spend their moment by the crushing medium tempos and magic riffs of cultism effects spreading high like the taste of poisonous weed-burnt offerings filling out the temple of Rock stereo.


Droogies Bend (Racing Junior 2005)


Agnete Kjolsrud (lead vocals), Christian Wibe (lead guitars, backing vocals), Chister-Andre Cederberg (rhythm guitar), Lars Imre Bidtnes ((bass guitar), Thomas Emil Jacobsen (drums, percussion) or Alexander Ralla Villnes (drums, percussion) has becoming their own – themselves as proclaiming band representing Norway’s Alternative Metal or Modern Nu Metal and Rock sounds as Animal Alpha; featuring their single through internationally recognition on Burnout Revenge and Burnout Legends gaming that need no more reasons or further introductions to make yourself head-banging harder following their Symphonic melodious emotional screamo-rocking tension themes picked by the band to be written down and spawning the debut Pheromones recording – with ten great tracks like Most Wanted Cowboy, Catch Me, I.R.W.Y.T.D furiously clashes within the group’s images that surroundings the member-band looks like the real adam’s family troops playing Hard Rock and Goth-Metal ferociously as the modern wiccan-based backing up the pieces glued back by these Norwegians.


Unhand Fend It Off (Epic/Sony Music 2001)

   One might not recognizing him as the alias of Carpenter Newton but for the ordinary causes proposing by himself without his infamous Grunge legends – Pearl Jam, Stone Carpenter Gossard would still be that American guitarist from Seattle, Washington as he loves to prior his works and interests as a social civic activist as well as good musician whom went soloing as first Pearl Jam members by releasing his own personal works and written tunes through Bayleaf. Showing Stone Gossard as an influential talented multi-instrumentalist musician for contribute the piano and drums performance within vocals, bass and of course, guitars – as the span between the writing times period and the final recording to be released as the album concept took almost five years in complete.

   Within the further influences from The Rolling Stones, Frank Black and Rufus Weinwright for the ten songs filler on Bluesy, Alternative Indie Rock and Folk-Rock critical parts gone seminal by the great choice of sound-effects and simplicity with higher techniques as well leading us to listening over Pigeon, Fits, Bore Me, Anchors, Cadillac as well as Hellbent – in such softer offending to be concluded by its powerful smart lyrics and themes made by a brain full of ordinary guy; for artistically speaking on themselves.


Rebirth Escapsim Nickel (Pendulum/Elektra 1993)

   Ninety-two era appearance on MTV airwaves really makes these New Yorkers Alternative Hip-Hop group and the early days of Digable Planets crew over their fusion out of the blending Jazz to Hip-Hop and many more traditional, Old School and Neo Rn’B tricky beats embarked which telling you the story about how they all develops from the beginning as Butterfly (Ishmael Butler) hooking up with Philly native Doodlebug (Craig Irving) and Mary Ann Vieira aka Ladybug brought her Brazilian descent from Maryland area; being backed by Silkworm/King Britt as they decided to move to New Jersey as them soon became good friends and rapping partners put their career performance from places to small communities and began to build little less fan-based before the exciting days of approval towards themselves through Reachin’ (A New Refutation of Time and Space) being released to the national music market and the media whom listening to them earlier and latter feels as high in expectation as MTV at that time – turning things to be Alternative for the anti-establishment society and speakers for the young generations as commercially, Digable Planets trio rooting their sound of music to be oriented closer on smarter lyrics, knowledgeable thoughts to share to opening borders; points of view that defies racial prejudice and attaching communities for good peace and prospers for all mankind together within the flowing charts as like Pacifics, Where I’m From, Jimmi Diggin’ Cats, Last of The Spiddyocks onto La Femme Fetal or Appointment At The Fat Clinic – shines through the pleasure of painful amount of the society dragging by the bigger company, commercialism and perfection mediocre status that infecting public especially, young teens and grown up kids to thus executives and baby boomers because the trio rappin’ delights really wants us to be move on as develops through equality, prosperity and safety connected in such a popular but sociable in many kinds of way.

Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space):

Smoke Signals (Big Bubba Dog 2014)

   Not as within her band presence here but alone in this solo project didn’t quite erasing her talents for being a good Folk-Pop singer as the girl herself: Star Anna Constantia Krogstie Bamford is the Seattle, Washington’s Tom-Petty in girl-version for Alternative-Country genre as being told by some senior musician from the same place as a real deal with voice fully bluster slams a door behind and thus loneliest, quiet and beautiful via this third recordings by far as Star Anna did her inspirational blended of Rock, Folk, World and Country Pop based on thus Rock N’ Roll influences as well a bluesy Americana style whispers the track-listings over The Sky is Falling.

   The simple album filled with nothing but honest tracks and wiser lyrics intuitions through the good and the wiser songs of Little Voices, Love Song, Let’s Not Kid Ourselves, Easier to Shine and Hymns We Sang – might or must be going on people’s softer favorites by the ordering on slower tunes that leads us to reflective and consciousness directions tomorrow …

The Sky Is Falling:

Dogfight Walking (Legendary Digital 2015)


   The attempts for containing the following viral outbreak event by F.E.Z.A (Federal Emergency Zombie Authority) based on the video game picturing online reporter Chase Carter with his camera-woman Jordan Blair covering the stories from the inside walled people being quarantine as the set in between the events for Dead Rising 2 or 3 but within this one it’s only Dead Rising: Watchtower. The antidote that found by experts experiments that keeps containing or administered those infected clearly, didn’t work out as planned but the military trying to controls the numbers of the infected zombies and the outbreak for their own purposes later also reveals; as the purging town by outbreak again effective on infecting more healthier inhabitants as the framing on F.E.Z.A for giving bad Zombrex (anti-viral virus drug) then turning everything in chaos with ravage zombies attack, dying people being eaten alive and infection spreading while the army shooting everyone that moves the target for Chase and Jordan is finding safety away from it. Meeting with a grieving mother Maggie and gorgeous female survivor Crystal O’Rourke (Meghan Ory) in bloody fighting actions against the infected zombie horde breaking in their perimeter just popping information that the army planted the government-mandated chips on the infected as bad Zombrex implanted to the refugees as well as Chase finally, reveals the sabotaging Zombrex and the evil plan commands by General Lyons as for Chase and Crystal – escaping to survive another day carrying the truth speaks for itself while the proof itself in Jordan’s hands lied waste as she’s captured and probably, killed by the military as the footage showing Dead Rising: Watchtower soundtrack music deranging the events per events of this Horror-Action movie composing and compiled by Traz Damji, Oleksa Lozowchuk and various artists collecting the chunks or flesh pieces as bloody mouth and bitten attacks us all from every surrounding area like one being trapped with the rest of the refugees and inhabitants inside the infected town within Blow By Blow, ZT Pulse Sunset (Traz Damji), Drowning in Blood by Skulltape, Cultists On Board rocked out through The Darkest of The Hillside Thickets performance onto the original tracks from CapCom Oleksa Lozowchuk’s composing Electronic-Industrial instrumentals like Ambient 1 and Resistance really can terrifying the horrific scenes and thrilling moments related to the movie itself.


Chicago Ghost Past (Ubisoft 2014)

   Third-person perspective controls by a hacker named Aiden Pearce whom conducting a bank heist but failure as the alarms triggered with Aiden mentor/partner given out, a hitman named Maurice Vega fearing his family safety as a niece of him fell to a coma from a car accident while then Brenk (the partner) retaliates by kidnapping Aiden’s young sister as the demand to him on tracking another hacker (an ex-soldier/gang leader Delford Wade by the help from hacking syndicate DedSec team Clara Lille while on the other hand another hacker JB Markowicz deleting the system server but opens a secret information that would upsetting some people to be really pissed within this action-adventure gaming Watch Dogs composing soundtrack instrumental songs like The Loop, Donovan, Computer Underground, Creepy Caller, IP Tracking or Vigilante by Brian Reitzell through the smartphone uses by Aiden Pearce accessing the pedestrian private information or emptied their bank accounts; jamming security systems and infiltrates into the deeper hack-puzzling to be solved as involving the train controls or traffic lights to the malfunctioning their gadgets as well that he also arming himself an extensible truncheon on melee fight or combat handgun to shotguns to sniper rifle and grenade launchers.
   Scaling vertical surfaces, hacking forklifts or aerial works platforms and navigates the setting of motorcycle, muscle-cars or luxurious vehicles as well as unlocking the map icons or side missions on his journey for a payback and justice upon him and his family on that Windy City.

"Connection is Power"


Yellow Fever Lu (United Front Games 2012)

   When you goes undercover as Wei Shen a Chinese-american officer to infiltrates the Triad organization called Sun On Yee as an open world gaming on this action-adventure sets via Sleeping Dogs; as mini maps won’t too bothering you but exploring the side mission and other activities like running, jumping or climbing to swimming by obstacles or vehicles-driving may just leading you to the local confrontations around the area of the oriental gangster’s followers and brawling fights using non-weapon to guns and the skill would improves along the success demanding points of money interests when Wei Shen did his violent actions or melee weapon into higher levels and lesser civilian/citizens casualties over environmental killings – inside the small street markets; dark alleys onto the temple backyard while gaining benefits might also means great graphics and good modern sounds over the background tracks on the Sleeping Dogs gaming O.S.T shelf.

   The variety of song by the track-listing compiled or composed by Jeff Tymocschuk for Microsoft windows, Xbox 360 and Play Stations 3 platforms such as 24Herbs given you all Do You Know Me, Hong Kong Kowloon, Sin City or No Brother to Bonobo’s Kiara Sleeping; Harmonic 313 with Dirtbox, Soft Room by Lorn through many more newer names you can even remembered knew or met like people passing by or on the occasion of street fighting stand-off through the gaming of Sleeping Dogs; as Anti-Pop Consortium, Tchaka Diallo, Plaid or Bibio might not be your opponents favorite artists as well but the mission needs to go on to while you unlocked the achievements and trophies undergoing the way on martial art-action or infiltrates some contemporary Hong Kong-like old China Town.


Roll The Dice (21 Laps/TSG 2013)

   Not being a success salesmen isn’t actually, the end of the world for Billy McMahon and Nick Campbell in this very fun and interesting comedy story on The Internship film directed by Shawn Levy within the background of the applying and employment works behind the fantastic company place named Google as the two characters played by Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson then try their lucks accidentally on the appliance behalf of theirs to the most well-known technology company specialized in internet-related products, search engine; computing software to hardware but as soon they’re entering the summer competing for a guaranteed jobs with Google in teams against various freshly graduated and as the rest gaining their solid teams; Billy and Nick finding themselves rejects with the few leftovers like Yo-yo the Filipino home-schooled, Neha the enthusiastic Indian-kinky nerd girl, Lyle the leader project with his hidden insecurity problems and Stuart a smart-phone engrossed with plenty started of awkward relations between them and silly moments like a wild-goose chase for Stanford University Charles Xavier mislead debugging and brutal beatings or the quidditch game that defies the co-working unifies the rejects team stronger in The Internship movie that also had a great popular soundtrack songs dragging you to loving most of the newer and oldie tracks through the credits of Various Artists recordings from So Good as the Rn’B superstar B.O.B hits onto Usher featuring Asap Rocky’s Hot Thing; F*** U Betta (DJ Chuckie Club Remix) perfomed by Neon Hitch to Wild One by Flo Rida as well as the great elements of wiser lyrics and stories led by the older chart tracks whether it is famous or not like Jump Around (House of Pain), Low Rider (WAR), Flashdance… What A Feeling (Irene Cara) and Alanis Morissette’s inspirational works via Ironic and Christophe Beck compiled giving the audience a great entertaining theme s about working together, never giving up on what you dream of ever and it’s not a problem if you fail at first without even try to comeback and doing it again and again must be attached within the rest of the story for rejects team over their misunderstanding, the separations, the flirting, the party wilder; as well as the lucky one like when Billy met one of the worker there always using headphones but actually not like his looks – an important person around telling Billy how the way to interact people and tutorial on technical information directs.
   While Billy convince by Nick to return back to the team – a show on local pizzeria owner convincing to use google business that potentially would helping him and his family expanding more signing the rejects team a largest possibility on advertising company for google and make them wins the challenge in a very funny odd way to make you smile !


Rune Graczsne Old (Independent 2014)

   Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Symphonic Power Metal crew led by their own female singer Kara Phillips; babe keyboardist Mercy Skye, Dan Clark (guitars, vocals), Brent Leubner (bass guitar), Dave Norman (drums) brought their fantasy-tinged compilation recording released as thus forcing of fifteen high-techniques opening of The Coming Storm (instrumentals), Breastplate of Inspiring Command, Holy Hour of The Battle-Dead (instrumental) through the real bashing medium-fast drumming blasts and heavy magic solos of guitars and keyboards commonly, amazing by their clashing sounds on City Rogue; Bulette Blood, Dungeons & Flagons; Chaotic Evil Outsider onto Metallum Aeternum and more Heavy Metal epic fighting anthems written here and being release for the audience over Full Attack Action – album.

The entire army stood there figuring out how to defeated the large beast reptile breathing fire begun to destroying their birthplace …

Full Action Attack:

Ospreys Voice (Paramount Music 2017)

   Steve Jablonsky measures that the Harbro next installments off Transformers: The Last Knight original motion picture soundtrack would be equally, taste epic as well as the plotting story about King Arthur and his round table knights fighting the Saxons within the helpful magic from powerful wizard Merlin whose agree to having allies with Lacon knights as the hiding group of an ancient transformers on Earth or Unicron; while Optimus Prime crash-landed and being brainwashed by alleged powerful creator Quintessa leaving the fellow autobots warrior sheltering with Cade Yeager on a fallen cemetery along with some new friends like street-wise girl Izabella and her scooter-bot Sqweeks; Jimmy the brainy assistant and Bumblebee with the rest remaining autobots refugee from being hunted by the Transformer Reaction Team (TRF) with Yeager received some kinds of mechanical talisman of value and power from a dying autobots knight and the decepticon trying to track them whatever they can.
By the helpful Sir Edmund Burton introducing himself as the last people of the old guardian clan of Witwiccan as ties within the ancient transformers since the beginning of history timeline; his crazy steampunk transformer butler-bot Cogman with the beautiful literature professor of University of Oxford and her dad’s old transforming car Hot Rod – Viviane Wembley trying together to opening the clues behind the trace on finding merlin’s staff which leading them to travels elsewhere even under the depth of the ocean where they and TRF squad found the gigantic alien spacecraft with the staff and merlin’s grave can only be open by the last descend of his air and then, as Sir Burton told Viviane the real story.
   Many instrumentals composition leads you to the excitements as the actions and the drama of history reveals within this Transformers: The Last Knight (Music from The Motion Picture) hearing us from Sacrifice, The Coming of Cybertron, Izzy, Purity of Heart onto Megatron Negotiation, Abduction, Seglass Ni Tonday and Drone Chase making the movie worth a focus like the close-up sight from Viviane helping Cade and the autobots retaken the staff from Quintessa whose coming down as she brought the planet Cybertron to collapses with Earth (unicorn) resulting the death of our blue planet and the resurrecting of hers – that must be stopped straight on the rendezvous point of the midst of an ancient strange place with the celts monument called Stonehenge. 

And the world once again at the stake !


Du Warst Mein Leben (Ariola 2013)

   Wolkenfrei is your Euro-Pop Techno trio from Germany as schlager as popular to catch by the most fanatic music-likers on a standard European people and very Pop music listeners but not familiar for those outside the continent perhaps as the three Marc Fischer, Stefan Kinski and Vanessa Mai composing their materials to be as easy listening as it possible in order to expanding more listeners upon the lesser-known career of them and it’s not a bad idea to working on within the examples of their Pop goodie tracks and beauty female appearance to thus simplicity beats to be enjoyed among small parties, drinking bar or club momento over the track-listing songs like Heimlich Nach Dir Gesehnt, SOS Prinzessin In Not, Endlich Wieder Ich, Verbotene Sehnsucht or Ich Versprech Dir Nichts Und Geb Dir Alles among others for your – Pop Disco lovers in German lyrics to taste how the European youth finding their beers escape or sexual contents free tips by the using of too much House-Pop Techno alliance sounds like this Endlos Verliebt !

Endlos Verliebt:

Only Shallow (Creation Records 1991)

   Not until the releasing of the fourth albums which defies the band as one of those Alternative experimental Dream-Pop and Shoegaze that is a further evolution away from Post-Punk and Indie Rock within the adjustment soft-distorting buzz of rain music in guitars and low-tuned vocals for My Bloody Valentine in Loveless. The best around for any Britons exclusive fan-based would die to have listening to the album long-time ago but still collecting it as rare products from the early nineties era of Grunge started to get a grip in US while Dream-Pop already did its second times phase through out UK and the rest of western Europe.

   With Kevin Shields on guitars/vocals/sampler/keyboards onto Debbie Googe the bassist; Bilinda Butcher (vocals, guitars) and Colm O Ciosoig (drums, samplers) showing the globe that this is the time for equality in live-band music producing as boys and girls can standing on the same positions or leading one another through the denseity of Alternative Music matching the experiences to thus distorts or soften themes commencing via To Here Knows When, Loomer, Touched and When You Sleep all the way through Soon. Is this What You Want or Blown A Wish for modern pop sounds made of originally Noise-Pop Dublin ?


Demystification (4AD 1996)

   Topolino release might be a smaller similarity to the fully length album of Lush’s record on the same time but this choice there really concern about thus B-Sides tracks but the themes chosen will always be the same for Miki Benrenyi (lead vocals, guitar), Emma Anderson (guitars, vocals), Phil King (bass guitar) and Chris Acland (drums) playing their Shoegaze/Dream-Pop alerts a little bit slower than the beatable repertoire on the real album but Topolino feels more peaceful as the performance from these Londoners group contracting your sensibility over the romance-tinged and friendly relations of warmth season before summer; singing the eclectic I Have The Moon, Ex to I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend that sounding catchy onto Matador that seems to be reflected the fully awareness to the steps you might taken later on in this life before regret’s came. 
Mini car and more Japanese teenager tourists may spreading Lush’s lust music of Indie-pop romance to your friends in short time since the play button being pressed not because I’d Like To Walk Around in Your Mind arrives.


OX4 Twisterella (Creation/Sire 1992)

   The second studio album being released by these Oxford, England band simply calling themselves – Ride within the (later on) being their seminal greatest album ever recorded and written there; Going Blank Again seems to be filled within not just Shoegaze sounds but also British Alternative Rock and bitter-dip ends of lower-keys chained between strings guitars buzz rain and medium tempos choruses that catchy but also serious to listening with more focus – as the themes carrying ten tracks – mostly wrote down, arranged and sang by the two leading roles of the group: Andy Bell and Mark Gardener with Laurence “Loz” Colbert and Steve Queralt releasing this fifty minutes and twenty-four seconds duration off the album as you might also liking the “down-to-earth” music dragging standard within Leave Them All Behind, Not Fazed, Chrome Waves, Time Machine or Making Judy Smile. 

Sing along or just let your head nods following the Jangle-Pop of England in the making …

Going Blank Again:

Grey Cell Green (Furtive 1991)


   The phase on their title track like Kill Your Television. Capital Letters to Selfish and Your Complex truly shows the creative side cleverness for the five-piece of these UK Dance Pop's crew of Indie Electronic Pop Rock band - Ned's Atomic Dustbin from Stourbridge - West Midlands including Jonn Penney (vocals), Alex Griffin (bass, vocals), Dan Warton (drums), Andy King (bass) and Martin Warlow (guitars) to opening their reality debut over the world's loving beats within this catchy mid-tempo rock/electro power for the alternative to the mainstream music at that era - losing all the boundless borders through and embracing unity among some genre of music collectively attached to one single column attractions especially, for the youngsters.
   God Fodder might be that one particular elements of new-nation's above the future on popular culture musical benefits and next steps overall; several new kids opening the blocks and connecting harmonies to make branding upon themselves independently without bigger company touch and interference ...

Go for Throwing Things, Happy or Nothing Like and more from the track-listing glory-echoes lighting up yours !

God Fodder:


Up Bottoms (Bandcamp 2013)

   Closer to the connection to NOFX, Propagandhi, Swingin’ Utter and new format of Rancid rather than Blink 182 or just ordinary Pop-Punk; the quartet of Joe Mizzi, Pete Mittler, Korey Brisendine and Dave Vazzano from Chicago, Illinois may be your listening music of no-posers Skater-Punk Pop politics for their neutral debut album that calls for attentions and daily themes declarations of independent parts through wiser words, therapy, lessons to learn in a harder way over this new millennium poisoning era like being described via thus femme de la muerte day ceremony on drawings through Every Last Stitch album debut from The Mizzerables.

Melodic Pop-punk sensibility or aggressive streak with gritty vocals and catchy sounds sharing the tracks like Fourteen, Short One, Beauty Queen, Fatal Valentine to Rise with Me – just like your wake-up alarms before the working-week started again !!!

Every Last Stitch:

Sons And Daughters (Independent 2013)

   Changing others life through music might be the band’s aim in order to make some differences in this world nowadays which is actually, a good sign that there’s still positivism-led action happening over the days of sorrow in our modern millennium with “only the strong survives” but an EP came with the powerful screaming, drum of intense, guitar’s heavy riffs, crushing bass-line rhythms or explosion breakdowns while some of the choruses are catchy while others sounding extremely wilder. A Melodic Hardcore to Post-Metalcore to just Emo-Core with the tip of metallic attitude brought to front a surface by these Toledo, Ohio crew The Scarlett Letter – trying to find the exact meanings in this journey a lifetime as thanking family and friends and tremendous supporting from those whom believing in them might be a very great start to write down experiences and story as the missing link key still on the searching like the puzzle girl picture on Call To Action album.
A releasing sounds that contains six tracks ready to blow your mind this Sunday frigid morning where most of the people still fell asleep while others faking their good intention over sermon obligations – piling-up lies but not these songs: Redemption (feat. Gabe Lopez), It Takes Falling, Lost in The Darkness Found in The Light and there’s should be silence when the answer being found.

Call To Action:

VMA Day (Cascade Records 2016)

   Training Jazz oscillates as Neo-Soul or Funk chill sounds consciously calling over the music releases by this Montreal pianist designs his influenced creations under the motion-captures taken from A Tribe Called Quest as provides the modern blending on Old-School media melting-pot – a French Hip-Hop producer called Ghostnaut collaborating with Azeem – the poet of Brooklyn or rapper Raashan Ahmad as this project worked-out in between the distance of Welling ton to Canada which sounded like real Jazz-Pop and quality Hip-Hop – listened for the relaxing chill moments while waiting for the bartender to mix your ordering beverages mostly based on alcohol while Punny’s Prelude with David Bridet for strings, Lips Moye (feat. Azeem) or Mozambique (feat. Raashan Ahmad) and more out of thus seven smoothly, rising your libido to either getting drunk first before laid down or another.

Lips Move:

Colour In (Independent 2014)

Duet members Hugh Jones and Laura Bettinson collaborating their equally sampling techniques and composite of freewheeling as well as Disco-Tech laden delivery and female seductive vocals with beats on popularity maximized almost perfect by the remix under the yummy cup-cakes liked project name – Eckoclick.

Within the upbeat Neo-Soul Funk planet but thus Electronic felt alive without no synth or drum-machine used but femme force and male routes performance on Jazz,, Hip-Hop, sonic Pop-Electro and London’s favorite for experimenting unique sounds – worldly and tribal matches over Eckoclick EP featuring tunes like Dance with Me, Controller, Bad Luck, Alright to Me and Break – going to reminds us about mid-career on Madonna’s strange lust-dreams musical with more surfaced light not darker.

Eckoclick EP:

Hustlin 03:20 (Cascade 2018)

   Darwin from Paris brought the sentient works of Electronic suave-ity supported by nostalgia of those Classical taste of sweeter floating Pop and elegance that Lost (the recording) giveth to the audience as the French-beatmaker Neo-Soul vibes project reveals its sounding of murmured beauty or flume impressive and intimacy slow-tunes dance as the heat of new millennium Rn’B to Funk – within those four tracks like Glitter featuring Julia Messenger and Making It Hard (feat. Juliet Moon).

Such a futuristic beats electro and Alternative Chill-Out House-Hop combinations for sell before drop and melts …


Raise Fist (Stormspell 2015)

   Iron Maiden heavy influence of you Los Angeles traditional Heavy Metal band consisted of Kelsey Wilson (bass), Jonathan Rubio (lead guitar), Jay Vazques (lead guitar), Tommy Huerta (drums) and Carlos Gutierrez on vocals on this simple recording mini album of Blade Killer’s self-titled. 

Banging your heads via On The Attack, Made Of Steel and Don’t Hold Back (Break Away) with thus faster tempos, blonde sexy-hot female member head-bang as well and slicing riffs and the screaming vengeance vocals. 

Straight Fucking Metal !!!

Blade Killer:

00:45 (Self-Released 2012)

   Stoke On Trent, UK composer/songwriter/producer and a good provider on scientific music themed and documentary shows fully for conveying emotions and moods among the likes of herself inflicted composing sounds from variety genres likeAmbient, Classical to Techno or IDM. Countless synthesizers products promoted and several Electro-Pop songs might getting the infectious melodies over her works provided there through Belle Gunness by Zoe Blade.

Her relationships and the world might always be the main experience as like the spiritual magic nights in a burning season of midnight oil; spectrums and eleven results for these (Untitled) tunes; ranging its duration between only one minute to thirsty-one seconds and longer than that. 

Carefully, listen to the effects and the background choir’s meeting point harmony. 

Belle Gunness: