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Questioner Realization (InVogue Records 2012)


   Sydney – Australia’s six-piece of Post Hardcore Punk in their present-day metallic core style trends as well as the branding harmony vocals choir to the growler or shouts is the Sienna Skies’ competent interests to share to you with the formation of them consisting of Joshua Wade, Luke Ziomek, Matthew Wells, Michael Sankey, Nick Musgrave and Steven Faull did for the band’s secondary releasing records so far – The Constant Climb as the gloomy evening of greenish shades leaving summer to autumn while the plan of someone ruined as fail; scattered like the ideas or composing tunes and harmonies open to the emptiness park road in between him. Metalcore and Post Hardcore divided onto ten tracks of angst, confusing and ashamed turning to raging blasts went out like there’s no space for Pop-tuning session here only wrath of the modern adult cursing reality upon Groundwork, Achiever, Foundations, Wasting Days, Sooner or Later as well as Directions – shall remaining on the fact time might consuming your lives by minutes.

The Constant Climb:

Devour Damage (InVogue Records 2016)

Kansas City, MO will bringing back the nostalgia feelings for your middle of two-thousand Punk-Pop which is missing by the today’s scene that might not be comparison as these five-piece rockers with Ohio-background features for Blink-182 or Taking Back Sunday as Hazing the crew has their sing-a-long choruses with some songs that you might cannot easily forget after listening.

Even Mona Lisa is Falling Apart, Tumbler, Fisher King, Shepard’s Tone and Entr’acte to Fever Dream may filling the Introvert casual battering on Pop-Punk products available within the recording release on Hazing’s Disconsolate. Post-Hardcore to your stereo in its most catchy tunes ever exported again out for US soil to the global listeners are here – presented by the lonely bird and modern city-scapes melting its feeling obscured and blends to something unspeakable.


Contradictions (Recall 2003)

   The second releasing album from the Iceland Pop/Electronic project which leading by the main figure character mastermind under the naming of Baroi Johansson on guitars and vocals with Esther Talia Casey for the female vocals giving the sensual sensations to whose ever listening through the track-listed recording via Bang Gang’s Something Wrong within the tangled broken-hearted fixture of maximizing Pop-arts sounds and orchestral visions viciously addicted on those hypnotic bitter endings but kept on being modern by its appearance sounds performance whilst the terrible man collapse after the nude girlfriend leave him out to marrying the natural world as her choice over Trip-Hop and Indie Rock harmonies provided here as ear caught the depression adrift a far.
   Sounding just like an ex-lover’s diary themes been recording to show the people they’d know – the betrayal of love in slow-motion tunes fell of hope sadder than just your ordinary Pop-songs with special edgy solos over There Was a Whisper, Forward and Reverse, Find What You Get or Stop in The Name of Love – lying lost on the field on a remote area of Iceland.

Something Wrong:

Tightwire (Not On Label 2016)


The Scots of Goth-Rock group consisting a trio of Omega Prime, Alpha Prime and Gothzilla choose to naming themselves by the distorting mid-tempo blasters as Gothzilla – simply but never holding hands to commercialism yet. You may finding to see them looking alike gothic-rocking version of Motorhead in the lower voice thumping the intense beat shows via the sharpening guitars, rhythmic drumming and glam-hatred lyrics about the infamous world keeping the unique ideas down. Catharsis would be the debut album from them ordering the listeners to hail and bow or stepping away from their presence – coming in medium treble bringing troubles through Perfect Lie, Falling Down, Will You As I ?, The Box, The Vow onto Today is a Good Day to Die might changes your instability minds to decided whether you wanted to continuing life or ended it quietly ?


Etude Songeries (Sound Mind Music 2011)

   The game that created by Mihai Tymoshenko as Contre Jour would be a kiddie meet adults addictive physics-based puzzling of the focus little blob creature named Petit at his own unpredictable adventure refers to the maneuvers locomotion around in manipulating gloomy dark environmental in various area to achieved the sparkle blue glow as well as collecting smaller glowing dots as well before managing to find the way out to the next level.
   As designed spectacularly clever by digitalize the surrounding world of the blob - petit to visits as well the beautiful funny sweet and mysterious soundtrack instrumentals composed by David Ari Leon for Contre Jour within the fantasy collective chamber musical orchestra via Le Mystere De Contre Jour, Les Monstres, La Nuit onto Machine or Le Monde de Contre Jour delivering your time of excitement for playing the game as the adventure of our little blob meet several obstacles, distractions but objective and reasonable to be loved by its players. Thanks to the Ukrainian developer Mokus and Chillingo for the developing.  

Contre Jour Soundtrack:

Tree Doorstep (Grotesque Requords 2011)

   Welcoming the fans for more morbid and weird treats over the sequel gaming fueled on nightmarish wrapped by deceptions as coloring cute homonym protagonist mopped as the saga of Gretel and Hansel 2 game continues.
The appearance of a short smaller girl with yellowed skin and blonde hair in her faded pink dress or unlocked different hats while personality of a smart sensible to innocent loving animals and caring to her family contrast to brother Hansel stupidity occasion and annoyance where they’re lived on a shack in the forest with the verge of starvation and left by the mom. 
Waking the follow-up upon the siblings trails made of stones being stolen by a crow before fell to deep hole and being trapped by the stickman separated from Hansel whose went playing aimlessly with fairies from the woods. 
Gretel must surviving alone but with her intelligence over difficult situation eager to defeats the creature before a dummy stole her face but Hansel and the fairies defeated it as Gretel’s face and soul returned. 
   The next level through a section where Gretel fighting the Nightmare Wolf and managed to escape the woods with Hansel to arrive at a witch house through their power and abilities like tandkerchief, coins, stickman’s arm or simple solutions as you playing this creepy gaming with the "Vaude-Core" experimenting Folk-Art Rock and Industrial instrumental music composed, arranged and played by Jess Gabriell Cron for Gretel & Hansel 2: original Game Soundtrack with the eerie sounds of these title tunes such as Wares Under There, The Woodcutter’s Wife, Pavonine Pond or The Serpent and The Swamp to Old Man Banjo assessing your journey as the siblings through the mysterious world of the unknown things lurked.  

Gretel & Hansel 2 - Original Game Soundtrack:

Walkie Talkie (Universal Music Classical 2006)

   The Philadelphia apartment complex having its dark fantasy secret tale as the superintendent Cleveland discovering a naiad creature or Narf called Story stranded out from her blue world or the building’s pool needs to going back as soon as possible before the scrunts (wolf-like grass mean creature) finds her presence and attacking not just herself but the entire apartment inhabitants are at the stake for their lives to protecting this mysterious female beings as she tries to find a specific author whom shall written better books for humanity; the guardian, a guild and a healer as well sounded too confusing and mystic at the same time you watching the M. Night Shyamalan predicting a future president, Midwestern orator that changed the world or the symbolist reader to finding key or path for Story to successfully go back in a persistence timing.
   Lady In The Water is another psychological-based and subconscious materials that may causing the audience to questioning their own daily lives and the related background composing soundtrack from James Newton Howard like The Party, Ripples in The Pool, Cereal Boxes, The Great Eatlon or The Healing mixed within classics folkish tracks like The Times They Are A-Changin’- a whisper in the noise; Every Grain of Sand or Maggie’s Farm by Silvertide seems to get the stronger magic bounding towards the film scenes as the killing begins, the hunted survival plans their exact next moves to help Story back home underwater or the quietness shown before the furor temporary happiness over the invitations and loud music to the arrival of the invisible simian peacekeepers Tartutic and the great eagle as the helpful residents and Cleveland Heep giving a warm goodbye to Story – to finally, going home as those magical event didn’t exist the next day but it was.


21 Flights Mowgli’s (RM2 2014)

   Found footage-typed film of teenage kids Sci-Fi adventure tells us about the loyal relationship and the problems for growing up in a small dull town of Mulberry Woods, Nevada as many perspective as this heart-warming family movie might gets you liking them instantly – started with the new highway construction project that upset the childhood friends: Alex, Tuck and Munch as they’ve soon to leave away having their teen-anxiety as the glitch phone displays of random graphical patternleads to the map spot some miles far on the desert area as the three went out biking and experienced the last best weird night together. Finding the dusty object telekinetically can repairing itself or answering a yes/no questions shaped like a tiny metallic owl coming from outer space and crash-landed. Making friends with the thing they called “Echo” that leads the group to another student girl from Mulberry Woods High School’s house named Emma and soon figuring out together that they must find an object as key to a hidden spaceship for echo as the bar meeting decide them to visiting the arcade where the security caught Alex but helped by Emma.
   The fake security workers then captured Munch and Echo to be interrogated and experimented but with the help from Tuck, Alex and Emma discover that the construction workers are actually government agents and the false construction project is about finding the debris of echo’s spaceship on that area. Joseph Trapanese and many various artists manage to keep the soundtrack for Earth To Echo interesting for the listeners as well with the likes for Big Data, Heavy English, Gospel Claws or several new names with the groups performing the tracks of modern sounds alternative music choices moderately like Live Like We’ll never Die (by Chiddy Bang feat. Youngblood), Manchester Orchestra on Opposite Sides, Holychild in Best Friends and Higher Road from John Ralston for finishing the mission on saving Echo to re-starting its craft back as it re-assembled from the underground into giant one while the kids saying goodbye for the last time before flies away. As the childhood friends finding themselves moved away anyway after that miraculous amazing event leaving only Tuck whom stays. 

The glitches phone starts as a sign of the returning of echo on the latter days.

Earth To Echo Soundtrack:

Anywhere Saloon (Spyglass Entertainment Group 2000)

   Where martial arts of Kung-Fu meets the wild western cowboy’s style – there;s a slight chance that you might loving to see it through the history book learning as well but alternatively, the Chinese imperial guard of the forbidden city Chong Wang must taken an ashamed journey to the west for paying his terrible mistakes in the mission to find and save Princess Pei-Pei whom being kidnapped to united states as then arriving in Nevada; the train that brought them got hijacked by Roy O’Bannon and his gang and Wang’s uncle died on the incident making process for Wang and Roy relates soon as outlaws being chased even when he need to save O’Bannon being buried under the sand by his traitor friends while Princess Pei-Pei being held up by Lo Fang agents the traitor of Chinese.
   Carson city then identified Wang as John Wayne after the bar brawler fights as Kung-Fu ruling the bunch of bastard drunks and soon both Roy and Wang taken hideout and refuges from the  Marshal Nathan Van Cleef for their brave acts. 
   This comedy action western movie really excites the audience whom liking the horse ride, the Native-American panorama, the beautiful brothel-girls doing pillow fights, funny accents and more hilarious culture clash between Roy and Wang as they’re found out about the train rails plan and the sinister minds of Fong as the arrival of team from the imperial guards of china makes things more interesting to watch. Shanghai Noon is the great movie where it’s not just the shoot-out and the kicking style shown but also friendships, warmth relations, Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu and Owen Wilson and the tribal marriage to a beautiful chief’s daughter as well as the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Randy Edelman brings Mountains and Streams, From East to West, A new and Grand Country, Getting Extremely Personal and Bonding in Jail accompanying the missions of two new friends with different backgrounds to fight the injustice and saving the princess !


Go Now Muzik (Distressed Film Limited 2016)

   Conor founds out that moving to his new school life is such a bored because his dad the architect who loves drinking and smoking decided to saved money by moving the youngest son to Synge Street CBS – in south inner city Dublin with hard adaptation to the worse bully acts all day long haunts him but luckily, soon finding out that his love for music encounters Conor to Darren a buddy entrepreneur as well as the aspiring beauty model Raphina as then the video shooting plan and more band managed members found like the multi-instrumentalist Eamon; playing cover songs of the eighties on the living room as the older brother Brendan told them to writing down their own original materials as the assorted wearing of make-ups and costumes make the band called Sing Street like the movie title looks unfamiliar around the school community started to noticing by some.
   As his parents falling apart but his relationship with Raphina getting warmer; the train journey to the dock and seeing ferry leaves Dun Laoghaire erupts their dreams to be successfully going to London. Great soundtrack by several legendary names from the Mod/New Wave music catalogs are there for Original Motion Picture Soundtrack such as classics tunes performance by Duran Duran’s Rio, Town Called Malice by The Jam, Inbetween Days from The Cure and Maneater to Steppin’ out from Joe Jackson to Daryl Hall & John Oates as well as the original self-written music by the band through the catchy tracks like The Riddle of The Model, Brown Shoes and Up to the romantic sweet of To Find You may breaks the stunning acts but reflected the beauty relationship and dreams coming true as the band did their first and last shows at the school prom night – entertaining most of the attendance and kids rioting to the school staff as the rocking spirits shone out to be ended up pretty well for Conor.


Dwr Budr Somewhere (Internal 1996)

   One of the used to be infamous names among the upper-standard times when Electronica music seems to be the new digitalize sounds bursting higher in between the Indie Rock or Modern Metal and Paul and Phil Hartnoll brothers of the brilliant musician makers united under the name of Orbital as being founded longer through the eighties and leading their Techno-outfits with loops and more experimental experiences on mixing or blending mostly things that can producing noises and the shaping over their remarkable works just like the magnificent both modern or traditional master-piece through In Sides recording as this six tuning albums brought the facts that attracting many people’s interest via the good mixture among abstract Break-beats, IDM to Ambient and Electro. 

   Awesome to be left behind and ignored causing your head and minds wandering just like thus figures and shapes like liquid on the front cover artworks turning alive and creating another dimension within as Adnan’s or The Box or P.E.T.R.O.L and The Girl with The Sun in Her Head seems making sensible thoughts intact on such a miracles invisible island where we are invited to get on the rave party over the beach-side where peace is no longer a concept but reality to catch and shared to non-selfish beat addictions and party goers of humanity-loving.

In Sides:

Dirty Drugs UK (Big Tomato Records 2015)

   Psychedelic Rock and Garage buzzing creations as creatively didn’t care if the echoes voice would never attracting people to liking them but luckily, these France crew band members of Wild Wild Wets got their chance to be heard by the media of music and Indie Rock fans as the releasing on the album debut entitled 14th Floor really gets the formation off vocalist/synthesizer player Mike Turi, electric guitar Taejon Romanik as well as the bass player Yegor Mackey and Marco Piro the drummer written and composing their mid-standard sounds like a desert-tinged themes blown by the wind slower in motions while the end of sunlight vanishing to the horizon leaving the twilight zone ringing bells over the ears as this melodic tunes like average rock via Faith Aged, Floating, Crawl or So High may took your imagination freed further as the evening laughs …

14th Floor:

World Puppet Promote (Tapps Games 2018)


   As the world becoming more modern and ignorant as nobody cares about anybody but taking things for granted and you feel like the people surrounds you already changes then this might be a good time to switching side and joining this simulator clicker games called We Are Illuminati as granted to be friendly introduced by your assistant – Nailitper.
One already sooner realizing that they’re becoming masters this android gaming just helping you to improved the few and farther tests before you are completely dominate the world by the help of the secret organization behind the veil or everything – pulling the red lines and controlling population. 
   Step by steps spreading your plans as influenced people getting larger in numbers with the first level on Control The Largest Companies before soon the milestones of mass production helping you opening the next level with other sections appropriate to improving your dominace of ruling the globe by resetting lackeys or upgrading them as the Plant Fake News in The Media and Make Friends with The Reptilians may seems to be effortlessly gaining millions of followers as you got the bonuses from the clock-ads or tap-wired words of wisdom. With Man in Black, Draco or Malcalypse The Older as the music background turning on the ordinary days to most exciting times to play games with this one. 
Pop Idols, war vendors, scaly-skinned aliens as well as mind controls over wi-fi and intrigues to conspiracy theory might be the superior billionaire ranked until you finishing all the tests and the world is saved. Guided by the bright triangle one eyed smile …  


Smiling Fade (Essential Records 2008)

   Alternative edgy rocking Christian group making their own trends as the end of the ninety-nine to the midst of 2000 must be the perfect timing to releasing their sophomore works that impressing most of the youth generations after being influenced by Emo-Rock and before it gets very much higher extreme than the mid-tempo standard loud distortion sounds – Christian community music in rock came in to break the depressing moments with something positive and useful as carried the words written in the good book spreading the lyrics to lighten up the dark among society.
The less complete but still emancipated to be given out as a characteristic recording from Pillar crew consisting of Michael Wittig, Noah Henson, Rob Beckley and Lester Estelle already wins several awards like Dove or more energetic efforts as the middle Americans loving them to head-bang safety. 
   The releasing over Pillar’s sixth albums via For The Love Of The Game may telling the background initiations over the forbidden arena sacrificial for pleasure of the past historic of Romans right now begin to be copying to the modern era style but hypnotizing the masses by creating hatred sports toward friends and brothers even sisters – fighting the blood-shed for glory and fame as the themes listed tracks showing us the high quality of musical making and riff-age taken from Grunge and metallic Alternative Music reign supreme through Reckless Youth, Throwdown, State of Emergency, Get back to The Runaways – all the problems infecting our young-lings from desperation, illuminates, devastation, caring less and poverty might swallowing the rest of us under the darkness slavery before being saved by the lights of god. 
Believe in still ? 
Listen to them !

For The Love Of The Game:

Tail Battle (Varese Sarabande 2010)

   Where the story-telling for your (soon would be) favorable animated action film with the background of a remote Viking village of Berk that used to be hating dragons for stealing livestock and then being hunted by the war-party led by the chieftain Stoick The Vast but not like everyone else around, the skinny son of the chieftain Hiccup rather be interested to the machinery devices as being an apprentice to the blacksmith. One time the fate making him meet the rare hunted breed of dragon – a Night Fury which actually dangerous but later in the forest Hiccup finds it actually quite nice and tame to play instead to be kill and since then they’re becoming friends and practicing to fly together. While on the other hand, Stoick already assembles his fleet army to raiding the original dragon nest but Hiccup and Toothless his dragon got attached really close now as he studying its behavior, guided the dragon free flight as well helping to build harness and prosthetic fin as secrets.

   When a strong Viking girl named Astrid found out about Hiccup’s hidden pet but since Hiccup convincing her to ride along on Toothless and did some fantastic maneuvers up the sky high – they’re starting to trusted the dragons just like the movie title on How To Train Your Dragon. Amazing and fun with the rest of the background instrumental tracks being composed by John Powell as the relationship between man and dragons with the raiding to the dragon’s lair gave everyone the truth about Red Death – the gargantuan dragon who loves to eat cattle and smaller dragons while controlling them to stealing on the same time. The Dragon Book, Wounded, See You Tomorrow, Test Drive and This Time For Sure onto Counter Attack and Jonsi’s song of Sticks & Stones did providing the epic fights within the giant monster with the help from Hiccup and his friends and their brave dragons flight destroying the evil dragon and preserving trust on Stoick and other elder Vikings to start training their pet dragons as well.


Chains Gravity (Essential Records 2015)

   RED or sometimes just spelled Red in the Modern Alternative Rock band from Nashville, Tennessee and consisting of these fine US rockers such as vocalist Michael Barnes, Anthony Armstrong on guitars, Randy Armstrong (piano, bass) and Joe Rickard and if you might not knowing them for winning a grammy; their musical works shall eventually making you shock – within their standard rocking sounds like Grunge meets Gothic Metal but the growlers as well may providing something newer to be called exactly by the local media by the name of Modern Metal and Emo-Core as the bite of Christian wisdom as well as the choir on harmony vocalizations correctly epic to listening by you through the fifth recording form them here – Of Beauty and Rage battering rams the background of autumn and black plague masked figure staring at you – whether to threatening or warn us about but the tracks like Descent, Impostor, Darkest Part, Fight to Forget went to Yours Again or The Forest must be creating the alarms for the modern world to aware of the near future signs of times.

Of Beauty and Rage:

72 Hours Remain (Independent 2015)

   Rocking softer than becoming ruder – is the way of how the epic Progressive and Wall of Sounds Ambient within the metallic Rock in the making of insanity type of instrumental tracks containing only one solo project under the meditated talents and fueled fusion of many things to listen as Pillars in The Sky by Christopher Bowe.

When you liking the way on how Misery Signals, Cloudkicker and Between The Buried and Me acting towards their musical to expand as this music written here currently located in Crewe – UK; the pianist and mostly, multi-instrumentalists person he’s becoming today really representing more of the greater than just ten songs but further more adventure among the riff-age and the drumming and the choruses to the smallest rhyming via I’ll Come Back To You I Promise!, Welcome Oblivion, I Always Thought They Were Lighthouses right through Beat The Devil Out of it and Short Steps Deep Breath makes us jumping like a maniac as we listening to What Became of The Kingdom album. 

   Being released through some times or spacing universe; showing you the floating lost Excalibur-like sword on the rock reminds you about kinds of final fantasy stuff closer like it.     

What Became Of The Kingdom:

Chips Tock None (Diet Pops 2015)

   Comprising of the threatening trio calling themselves – Max Terror, El Terror and Joe Terror from the Cardiff’s Post-Punk plus their own dance-noise and Witch Rock pleasure to wrote down as their blasting beats with a strange groove as themselves opinion develops to the most intense one as being growing meaner to be called Totem Terrors.

   Sometime presenting by the media as only a duo of Max Hicks and Rosie Smith but the Art-Rock or New Wave measurements of noise-bracket shall kept the indie-power and non-commercial rocking tunes of their releasing record entitled Hard Science shown to the audience some kinds of the urgent stormy of food and gooey experiments to the Psychedelic rhythms from the past to the present days with Bristol Defector Hex, Swan Song, Worried, Me and My Sister, UNVRSY or other weird themes like Deathwish MF, Big E to Narrowman really sounding too interesting to ignores !

Hard Science:

Brixton Heavy (Mercury/RAM 2011)

   Soul Milton (Chase) and Will Kennard (Status) are the duo productions of Dubstep and Drum & Bass whom actually good friends back to their days in London but traveling to Manchester to go college but not only that attached these two but also the likes for making, writing and arranging compositions of music beats to dance or to getting wilder with their project of fully beats starting out as Chase & Status as often being also known as Dubsta, Loopdigga to Smoke Jumpers but their most solid ever being preserving accepted by the mainstream media of Rave/EDM/Beat-box music addicting would be the releasing on No More Idols that consuming the listeners within the various battering clashes between many genre sounds like Electronic, Grime, Dubstep, Hip-Hop to Drum n Bass and Raggamovin’ style that ejecting the superb motion under the commanding sophomore modern beats presentations by the nicer works from Chase & Status via No Problem, Fire in Your Eyes (with Maverick Sabre); Liam Bailey co-working through Blind Faith, Let OYu Go (featuring Mali), Tinie Tempah for Hitz or Hypest Hype with Tempa T and also live recording rocked out with Plan B to Rage via Fool Yourself. Bringing the package completed full of all your favorite things on a dance album compilations recording of a sad boxer doggy listen to the group’s style music that makes us wanted to jumping and moving back and forth on being non-control-able.

No More Idols:

Vulture Agnes (Self-Released 2013)


   If you like how Horror-Punk makes your live getting worse day by day with the collection likes over The Misfits, Clabrese, The Epidemic to Glenn Danzig and Blitzkid or Zombeast - then these Atlanta’s five piece obscuring scary in make-ups crew of Ryna Cadaver (vocals), Derek Obscura (guitars), Cliff Damage (bass), Kevin Slayfield (guitars) and Tony 2 Skulls (drums) did their dark magic of bible belt rock horror full length as located by Sex, Blood and Rock N’ Roll recorded heavily fast by The Casket Creatures group.
   The only themed fits for Halloween or any occasional dark days celebrations with sacrificial or ritual in blood bath to monstrous figures shows might be handled carefully without care via Curse of The Mummy’s Tomb, Black Widow Bride, Lizzie’s Song, Bat’s Blood and Bitches Devil’s Day onto Love Decay must be your choice to the sleep-over on an abandoned house next to the graveyard with your strange but sexy dead friends talking about rotting things and B-Movie Massacre !

Sex, Blood and Rock N' Roll:

Rosings Park (CTMG 2016)

   Action parodies over the same title novel materials by Jane Austen turning on to something closer to historical comedy horror movie through Seth Grahame-Smith’s Pride, Prejudice and Zombies staring Lily James, Sam Riley, Jack Huston to Bella Heathcote and Lena Headey which strated the entire story of a British-American basic related tales about the 19th century beset England by a plague of zombie apocalypse roam to consuming almost the entire country didn’t scared the Bennet Sisters – Elizabeth, Jane, Lydia, Kitty and Mary whom are mostly gorgeous, beautiful and well-mannered but as their father behests them to defending themselves against any threats – living or dead to possessing as well trained in the art of weaponry to martial arts in China while their mother wants to see them married quickly to someone wealthy suits. As the country dance on the Bennets place also being attended by Colonel Darcy and Charles Bingley as the young handsome Bingley fell for Jane also attracting Mrs. Bennett attentions just when the zombies attacking the place but fought well by The Bennet sisters before a shocking preposition from the Japanese martial arts converse-trained Darcy becomes smitten to Elizabeth. Jane got attacked through the forest on her way to Bingleys by zombie but lucky to be recovers from the fever.

   Another fool loyal cousin from afar visiting The Bennets – Parson Collins wanted to proposing Elizabeth but refused by her because she’s already met a charming soldier named Wickham that behind his charms and dignity attitude of chivalry hiding a dark secret as he asking Elizabeth to go travel with him stopping to see a horrific display of old church filled up with zombies whom can learning to be civilized by eating pig’s brains; their behavior relatively normal can be coexist peacefully begin to live with humans again which Elizabeth finding it closer to lunacy. 
With Bingley kept away from Jane by Darcy but convincingly tried to proposing Elizabeth on the same time; raging her actions to fight him on hand in hand combat before then Darcy wrote the apologize letter to her. 
   The facts that Mrs. Bennet plans for Jane and Bingley being heard aloud as she drunk and tell it to everyone but besides that the most important thing is how Darcy found out the true nature of Wickham as his childhood friend whom may murdered his father and squandered the inheritance or the elicit money from Darcy’s estate. 
Fernando Velazquez is our expected composer did his job on arranging the best Classical music and attaching interest of the good old days of An Illustrated History of England 1700-1800; Dance of The Ponderous Distaff, The Man From Uribe, Carriage Ride, Orphans, Menuet De Mortes Vivants along with Back to St Lazarus, Zombies are Fed/Attack/Showdown led to After The Explosion as the story goes further that the undead Wickham being stab but still alive and looking civilized by consuming pigs brain all along just creating his zombie army to be easily controlled and planning to rule the country by taking over London being overrun by zombies as he kidnapping Elizabeth sister Lydia.      Finally, the british troops bravely destroying the last bridge on keeping the zombies from crossing over; stop the bloody invasion. Wickham by the way still alive and leads his horde of zombies try to crashing into Elizabeth/Darcy and Bingley/Jane’s wedding party but everyone this time fighting back !


Theme Music (Creature Features 2001)

   Parts of a television movie that originally called Mermaid Chronicles Part 1: She Creature but later on as the cinemax paying tributes to American International Pictures; directed by Sebastian Gutierrez and having the background musical compositions by David Reynolds above the title on Mermaid Chronicles Part 1: She Creature motion picture of the includes of Jim Thatcher, French Horn as the soundtrack personnel performing the instrumental music over this old tales back to the early nineteen hundreds following the mystery and nightmarish story-telling of two carnies Angus Shaw and wife Lilian “Lily” meeting with Mr. Woolrich on the offering ride home tld them about whole documented sightings for the mer-people including the map of the creatures – The Forbidden Island with the legends about how they can transforming to human form during the full moon then reveals the fact that there’s one being captured inside his admiral days tragic story about how the mermaid attacking his wife and killed her on the same place he kept it alive.
Inside the giant glass box aquarium-like then Angus and Lily found out that their astonishing natural imaginations and feeling to have displaying the mermaid (Rya Kihlstedt) in a freak attraction lean onto their breaking-in to the house been caught but instead, kills Mr. Woolrich by sudden heart-attack with their crew Bailey and Gifford – then taking the mermaid with red-haired beauty to be smuggled aboard their ship to the American voyage. Little less thrilled and brilliant ideas from her husband putting Lily inside the jeopardy of the best ill-fated matters during the voyage it’s that the mermaid with half of her fishy creature tails seems to be interesting to Lily’s presence around her. 
   One of the crew – Miles trying to have his drunken slight chance for violating Lily’s privacy one night but then being somehow stalked by the mermaid whom went out mysteriously from her water tank and feasting the bad guy’s flesh and bones; only to show Lily the spitting ring of miles out of her mouth from inside the tank means that the mermaid from She Creature really gets jealous easily when it comes to men trying to do some attempts on Lily explained later promptly. Become possessing by the mermaid soon after she’s trying to free her and being kissed or touched by the creature; almost kill Angus while making love as the story getting further scarier as Bailey whom caught lily trying to releasing the mermaid also being devoured by it but Angus believing that Lily is stressed out and unstable then locking her to a room when she found out that she’s miraculously pregnant cause she used to be barren for years. 
As the angry harassing crew knowing that something really sinister bad happening to their friends on the ship found out that the sailing route is off the course as well causing them to go straight towards the forbidden island as the mermaid reveals her true gruesome looks of a queen monster creature intends to taking all the crew to the lair and feed them to her mer-people. Vicious story ends with the mind-control confession caused by the mermaid, case of suicidal, the stormy weather dragging them all to meet their doom. 
As others being killed but Lily was spared  and found by the passing ship fortnight later; all the questions about what’s really going on facing the refusal on saying anything from Lily in silence. 


Manna Design (Self-Released 2012)

   Modified technically as Death Metal as the excellent gates of hell opening and calls the monster-like creature spreading their sinister force by eating the planets that crossing their paths; a Los Angeles Metal-Core music and extreme sound-blasters over this extended play recording with the logo created by Chris Horst and artwork by Munkie Strike within the three eyes demigods has been releasing its wrath as the chance for changes or redemption aren’t there anymore.

   Bow in Requiem releasing record by The Opague might be Californian-based newer scene for grunting gutted growls vocal-personifications as the sounds highly in techniques scarring your existence by periods and doomsday day of the numbered are now stop being counted and the releasing of all mankind destroyers like natural disaster, monsters even cursing spells on Upon The Kraken, Deciphering The Nightmare or The Arrival – really happens in your ugly face sooner that you might think – religious bastards. 

Bow In Requiem:

Brighton Shredders (Self-Released 2014)


   Wearing slicky sick-ass baseball t-shirt for you by these Los Angeles, California named Barrett Tuttobene and Richard Ray for making this amazing damn album using their duo killer band-like performing the taste of noises riot tunes through experimental Math-Rock, instrumental Avant-garde as well as Metal Punk Rock and Garage Thrash directed insanity of non-demanding Pop culture to hope on them.

It’s like Andrew WK doing his partly blast of miracles inside the possessed room filling up with demonic fans of Motorhead and Venom these days and you might get the reality on this self-titled 100 Onces album. 

   Releasing their brilliant destructive ideas and blatant madness freedom in double pedals guillotine or the hammering ram mosh-pit of the purgatory laws by those seminal progressive and parts of thrashy metallic Punk problems beneath the songs like OC/DC, Sr Kate, Boreder Patrol, Science Can’t Explain Magic or Etch-a-Sketch Orchestra may killing your parents and ridiculous mother in law before the midnight strikes the time of being right from the start to rock hard ! 


Shut Up (Selfmadegod Records 2017)

   Abstracting the life of mad tempos and devastating performance over their mixture in Death Metal or Grindcore much much fucking extreme even without the great artworks did for the front cover of horrific albums as the Warsaw, Poland crew consisted of Sebastian Rokicki (guitars), Lukasz Myszkowski (vocals), Pawel Jaroszweicz (drums) and Sebastian Kucharski (bass) making this complete quartet of the newest recording mini EP just like thus antidote for the addiction on the fish-hook luring your soulless body to taste the last try before things gone reverse for the red lips or the beauty must be destroyed.
Depressant EP filled with hatred as high as the empire state building or more; giving us the reasons of answers or just a fake solution to those malignant victimized feelings cancer-like disease infecting the modern-day men. 
   Empty Paths, Anchors, Now and Room 7 or Division of Lonely Crows pulling your non-impressive depressions deeper to the dark hole as then, transforms onto something wickedly pure evil to have an Avant-Garde Grindcore revenge on the surface states. 

Depressant EP: