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Zillion Packed (Flippaut Gramophone Foundation 1996)

   And Ron Asheton (producer) – the legendary guitarist for The Stooges before Iggy adding Pop behind the name era; gearing-up still won’t letting go his days for keep on rocking with the promising co-works with (The) Empty Set (band) consisted of Billy Frank, Craig Chollette, John Thoman and Ron De Vore recording their compilation not split saxophone back-up sounds via the good rare album of the mid-nineties era that somehow brought back the memories of how raw and brutal the power-self cells from The Stooges legacy seems to inspiring this release; Thin, Slim & None w/Flunkie rocking the bitch out as skirts will be tore and panties would be ripped off but as you losing the bets in gambling – life just stood there leaving you in tears after the pogo dancing.

Kinds of wise lesson to learn here via Roman Holiday, Same Boat, Wall Song, RU and Rock The Cradle also Hoochie Coochie Man (with) You’re Gonna Die or TV Eye truly, led some of the good Punk-Rock and Pop lyrics as messages to the ears of masses. 

Don’t waste your time on something that didn’t qualified your feelings to be happier success on the way you do the best not marketing shitty business but rock the music tunes up, Ronny !