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You Mad Hello (Self-Released 2012)

Consisted for not only one but three person collaborating for their great sessions of Electronic variations with complex House-Techno, Dubstep to Complextro that based on California area as their territorial as you meeting them Johnny Atar, Alan Notkin and Mark Emmanuel taking their “Brostep” to the next level as they’ve moved from the original place in Miami, Florida to the sunshine beaches of The West Coast.

The secondary album releases from Klaypex must be – Ready To Go and as the recording been transferred through-out the nation and worldwide; the US Dance chart marked it on the thirteen position while the US Heat put it on the number eighteen – means it’s not really bad for them that the audience actually, feeling familiar and happy to dance via their music making and confronting beats to shared on stage or clubs. 

From the favorable millennial-tinged for Broken-beats to Dubstep; Electro-House and Techno-Core bangs the speakers on every turning points as Crazy, Manners, Too late, Sunrise (feat. Sara Kay) and Double Vision may cranking aloud and conquering the stereo-system inside out as well as your consciousness while drinking your ordered beverages and bottles.

Ready To Go: