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You Hate I (Xtreem Music 2009)

   Fucking brutally faster and non-conformist for any reasons doubt to be kind or religious – these Catalonian of Barcelona Thrasher crew members of Aggression: Sergio Soto on bass/backing vocals, Sergio Garcia the drummer, Oscar Reka (rhythm guitars) and Pol Luengo on lead vocals/lead guitar born to raising hell through their Technical Thrash Metal evolving crasher and collisions between angry freaking riffs and the dominant drumming basher quality as clean as the real pro-band’s recording already achieved by the group even for the Mustaine-type inspired debut album release on Moshpirit that carries the exact desecration of devastating music sounds blasting hard from the Thrasher-heads collecting them to their own collections of raw slicing solos and purging distorted tracks listed as Psycho-Crime, Never Surrender, Chaos Anatomy to Better You Run as closing by the bonus track of Few Seconds of Madness.

As the establishing terror being spread-out as the killer hell-monster coming down to consuming human souls; cleansing the planet from total blind lust or greed – soon to be out of business !