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Ylermi Oterma Katerma (Icarus Music 1997)

For the formations of the names linked to the long journey of metallic history of the band; these Finnish experimented group of both Heavy Metal extreme and Symphonic Folk thrashy – Agathon Frosteus, Azhemin, Jussi Heikkinen or Lord Heikkinen; Tanya Kemppainen a.k.a Whisper Lilith to Tapio Wilska and some others more building Soulgrind from a corn onto the bigger dangerous group as locally served themselves as one of the next good bands to reaching conquests over the extreme metallic world of Northern Europe and wider.
Through their third recording releases in Whitsongs the audiences can do experiencing the emerges of standard rhythmic and symphonic metaller beats bashing and as well – wrapping the cold from firing dark or the warmth lights from the windy frozen.
Most of the songs written by Jussi Heikkinen and the listeners being the folks whom witnessing them played to performs like Tuoni’s Eyes, The Song of Mantsi, Ihalempi, Tuuri onto The Serf’s Song as well as The Girl and The Boyar’s Son provides. Folkish Metal spreading its symphonies within the fog …