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Yellow Stevie (Drag City 1998)

The sixth recording releases right from the hot mouth of these founded Alternative Rock band of America  - Royal Trux which being formed by sexy bitchy singer Jennifer Herrema and the rocker dog Neil Hagerty whom combining thus Grunge/Punk and Hard Rock motions onto their exact blending formula sounds which also completed as a band by Chris Pyle, Ken Nasta or Anil Melnick and more; turbo-buster grooves on Accelerator where rock music had a meaning for thus Grungy riffs sounds like the new generations wanted it to be (then).

Terrible problematic issues and social condemnation on the concrete news to share via the non-commercial tracks such as The Banana Question, Juicy Juicy Juice, Liar, I’m Ready and Follow The Winner might ended-up somewhere the harder music comparison would dragging your consciousness gone to the sewer within RX’s rebellious sensual performance. 

Royal Trux tasted really weird for regular rock-head’s ears – guess !