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Yantra Marylebone (FsolDigital.Com 2008)

   Not just one of the Future Sound Of London camouflaging disguise as being transforms onto Amorphous Androgynous. British consciousness flying by the wings or eternal prayers for the cosmic present mindedness and preposterous of a sweet body sensational Psychedelic sounds of music based to the Electronic and sampling natural for the environmental curing methods - whether it is cosmic or instrumentals led by Gaz Cobain and Brian Dougans; brought the mental –male ego but also the neat works between the music and the attractive musicians/bands for many more aliases to F.S.O.L to blending in together. Rock Psychedelic or seminal acoustic rhythms or the traditional Middle-Eastern sounds played on The Peppermint Tree & The Seeds of Superconsciousness like the entire planet earth once again being saved and well-nurtured by the group’s imaginative sources.
Given That We’ve Given; Somewhere At The Edge of Nowhere, Opus of The Black Sun; Rocket Fuel, Man is a Virus in Shoes through Mr. Sponge’s Groovy Oscillations recording the excessive human history to tell not being censored to educating the feelings, the sensibility, the discipline and no forgetting  - to let the Tiny Space Bird keep on exploring to the lost world constellation or died alone like a dry-out leaves of green old tree. 

Grab your senses and released the daily works of art drawing or painting the mighty sun.