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XIII Little (Twisted Monkey 2011)

   Leandre Berube from Alberta, Canada might rings no bell to your mind while mentioned but when someone else adding Tristam – for the certain clubber fanatics it’ll be good surprises that this man already being well-known for his works due to the rising genre musical for Dubstep and Hardcore-EDM sessions all over the planet.
The releasing of this debut recording on My Ghosts really raise-up the dj’s name to the super-stars level as the singles and hits may providing on air to your favorite EDM/lectronic radios, CD stores or online-gaming channels so so. 
   The geometric pumping tracks of Extermination, Mr. Doctor or Sinking Cities will causing more heaten out head-bangers as well as crazy dance moves to the floor attendance while the blasting beats filling up the atmosphere on responsible attitude towards drinking, handling female partners and lifted up good quality of cinematic party drive by. 

Take a listen …

My Ghosts: