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Xenos Exos (Hologram Bay 2016)

This non-commonly mixture of Electronic Techno-House with Trip-Hop and especially, Dub noises and samples really caught somebody’s interest while got a chance for listening to it. Patrick Driscoll or can be re-traced as the familiar pro-alias in Blank Banshee driving your imaginations and intelligence like a runaway bride path the incoming loops and time-framed moments within thus musical performance in a record as this last effort of the newer try-out releasing on Mega – repeatedly, won’t making one bored. 

Listen to these facts of fortunes in thus compositions and be free your mind from the daily rules that bind you from happiness and embraced Frozen Flame, Gunshots, Ecco Chamber, Holograffitti, Web Ring, Cerulean and Juno. 

Vaporwave, Bass Music Minimalist as well as Experimental Hip-Hop beats marking how the fallen meteorites wasn’t as what you might predict before.