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With Walks Him (Go Down Records 2013)

   Vestibulum Diaboli must be like advocating the devil in mass-blackened magic rituals possible by the reaction off the Doom/Sludge Metal by these Stoner rockers of Bologna, Italy comes as a trio recalling demons and dark materials back to crossing the invisible gates through this blasting cosmic spell bursts as Three Eyes Left consisting for Maic Evil (vocals, guitar), Andrew Molten (bass guitar) and K. Luther Stern (drums) as their releasing album debut entitled La Danse Macabre collision within how angry youth with high-techniques led their own revenge plan by using Heavy Metal march-on tracks for tones of destruction.
Just like when one hearing the second number on Lord of Underworld or Celebrating The Flight of The Crow – where there’s no chance that this type of music would bring cheers or smiling of kindness while the world filled within sins and firing burnt wars of the killing humans as Black Sabbath really saw several decades ago followed by more troops of Doom Metal classics serving the desperate metallic world and head-banging ears to join the movement. 
   Free nudity artworks, sacrificing virgin females and ancient beliefs filling in the entire record that you might wanted to leave your pathetic morals and dogmas outside before press the play button, pricks !

La Danse Macabre: