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Win Lunching (Arrowhawk Records 2017)

From your different wind-pointy directions up north; to the US soil and East Coast for Brooklyn to be exact – the gloomy sensual female voice led her band named Blush to throwing their miraculous sounds with the music floating like it’s really made somewhere in the midst of hazy heaven before some little Pop demon stole it and making the music his own monument called Alternative-Pop and Shoegaze Synth.
Maura M. Lynch (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Jonathan Campolo (drums, vocals), Nicholas Campolo (guitars, keyboards, vocals) and Andrew Chugg (bass, keyboards) being grateful to themselves on finally, releasing these album as well as being blessed for creating such an individual but collective sounds to spread via the self-titled album portraying their works through Labor Days, Daisy Chain, Fire Island and the fantastic launch off Mariah Carey’s Fantasy in a Pop groovy cover version that tremendously, will make you stood there in admirable feelings – the talented romantic being born not because it’s enough or too much. 

We need them – the blushy genius Indie rockers !