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Wiggles Darktown (Wind Some Lose Some 2016)

   Berlin – Germany’s Jazzy Lindy-Hop as Dixieland and hot Swing fudge based and inspired by New Orleans crew of big band performance by Laurent Humeau (clarinet, soprano saxophone), Eldar Tsalikov (clarinet, alto saxophone), Carlos St. Ana (trombone, piano, vocals), Paul Voit (banjo, guitar, vocals), Francois Perdriau (bass drum, cymbal, percussion) and Flocko Motion (double bass, vocals) and the invited Joseph Faison (banjo & mixing), David Hagen (sousaphone) and Johannes Bohmer (trumpet) as the linked tracks prediction would lovely, clearly - not gloomy or happy in spirits to entertains most of the fanatic Dixie music fans within Rumba Negro, Blues My Naughty Sweetie, Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia, Delta Bound, Egyptian Ella, Weary Blues or I Can’t Dance I’ve Got Ants in My Pants or Someday Sweetheart – bursting the scents of excursions reality and good natural traditions held to these Europe's hottest Jazz-band to life for I'm Gonna Pick You Up in a Red Dress, Baby !