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Whipple Dam (Richie Records 2010)

Psychedelic Grungy mixed with Lo-Fi Punk and Rock N’ Roll from Philadelphia, PA may resemblance to the first wave of the Seattle-Sound revolutions start back to the early nineties when nobody knows about saying Alternative Rock music genre yet. Rigid hysteria of the excess on hi-energy sleazed glammy but as well underground and anti-commercialism branded onto this mini recording of the group – Purling Hiss as being led by Mike Polizze, carrying their silly jokes about themselves and their career so far via Hissteria (get it ?).

So either the audiences and the listeners wanted to have them into their stereo system but the louder noises making people pukes or run escaping, nothing seems to be fixed or polished anymore by the band. 

Grab your guitars and follow them cranking some good music of honesty via Space Roots/Limerence; Down on The Delaware River or Passenger Queen can figure out what’s cooking in the kitchen …