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Weight Lifting Cult (Broadway/Warner Bros. 1996)

   Who doesn’t know the infamous US comedian Adam Sandler – also the actor, screenwriter, film producer and a Brooklyn born musician (?) as you and some New Yorker might not knowing the facts over that one yet.
   The midst of his nineties era being written the scripts, lyrics and materials for his own comedy shows and more to it; the recording albums of What The Hell Happened To Me ? as not seeing the debut but the second released from our own beloved Adam Richard Sandler – here’s the genre blends over thus mixture of Rock, Pop and Non-Music or cheap-novelty of the situation stand-up comedy with curses and jerky words but mostly, funny as fuck and sarcastic to listening to make you freaking laugh or smile hearing his works of doing what he loves the most best – telling jokes and fun screaming as thus noises really can turns the audience on for a good time cheers as the titles like the Reggae-toned craze on Ode To My Car, The Excited Southerner Orders a Meal, The Excited Southerner Gets Pulled Over, The Excited Southerner at a Job Interview onto The Excited Southerner Meets Mel Gibson and The Excited Southerner Proposes to a Woman – marking the sarcastic levels up high meaning that even the racist jokes can sells hard as the fun commodity in the US. 
   Mr. Sandler really can sings besides sharing pranks about The Hypnotist, Do It For Your Mama, The Chanukah Song and The Goat. Gets it pretty for more sarcastic materials from the Jewish guy and the helps from his crew friends like Judd Apatow, Jon Rosenberg, Bean Miller, Kevin Nealon to Allen Covert even Tara Paul; don’t mention it !