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Water Falls Island (Not On Label 2016)


Based on the founder of the band’s background deployments as the active serving US Navy Duty by profiles, Dave Munro the singer/song-writer recorded and sent his demos to one of the friend and bandmate Casey Sullivan whom also a singer/song-writer and sooner after they met each other back in Boston; two of them begin to collaborates and making progress in music and vocals through the band project called ATC or Air Traffic Controller.
You might finding the facts surrounds these Indie Pop musicians are quite hilarious cause as the guy looks similar to some independent movie-star or a Pop rabbi; the girl with pleasant sensual great vocals actually looked a little bit similar to Anna Kendrick but the main attractions would lies down to their undeniable soft melodic Pop tunes blossoming the past and present images into a storybook teller like music which concluded on this releasing of Black Box. From the mesmerizing Phantom or People Watching the opener track onto thus Get It Over With that brings some favorable eighties New Wave beats or The House and What You Do to My Soul that almost crafting raps vocalizations and trippy Hip-Hop acts and Pop combinations or Electronic Country-Folk mixers. 

You and your darling would be so pleased for having this album playing on the car’s stereo or at home after eight o’clock. 

Black Box: