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Vibe Roster Krush (TVT/Epic 1998)

   Get the collection for your Marvel Comic’s character of this vampire superhero known as the day-walker whom immune to sunlight in Blade the movie. Written by David S. Goyer, the extra-ordinary boy survived his mom’s premature death after being bitten by vampire grown up as the mighty vampire hunter – Blade/Eric Brooks (Wesley Snipes) raised by the help of an old man – Abraham Whistler who owns facility and weapons for killing the blood-sucking on his own revenge from the past lives.
Being a victim of Deacon Frost (the powerful young vampire-coven leader) on a rave club – Karen Jenson (a hematologist) being saved by Blade and Whistler as marked the meeting a coincidence on forming alliance to kick Deacon Frost and his vampire army’s ass for good later. 
   Controlled human slave of the vampire aristocrats and many secrets might reveals as the movie filled up fighting scenes and burning vampires as Blade skills overthrown them most; leaving almost none survived his wrath got a good back-up background soundtrack of Hip-Hop/Rap Msuic collections which blasting some powerful beats songs of V.A Blade The Soundtrack featuring Mystikal on The Edge of The Blade, 12 & 12 by Gang Starr/M.O.P to Gangsta Bounce (Wolfpak), Deadly Zone (Mobb Deep, Rappin Noyd, Bounty Killer) or Wrek Tha Discotek performed by Soulson/Roger .S and when Deacon Frost finally, defeated and blown-up; we’ll see that the epilogue is just a beginning of Blade going to Moscow and hunting more blood-suckers until there’s no more. 

Spirits power of the beat lives on another day and dark night fights.

V.A Blade The Soundtrack: