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Verweven Klauwen (Trollmusic 2014)

Lining-up within the rest members whose stands for their old ways heritage of Folklore both within the Classic Rock, Heavy Metal Folk and 70’s sounds – hailing as themselves from Valuwe, The Netherlands pleased to meet: Mark Kwint (lead, harmony and grim vocals, lead and acoustic guitars, flute, programming) and Jasper Strik (all keyboards, piano, vocoder and FX) as grinding grooves to calling themselves as the duo of Alvenrad.
Writing their lyrics in local dutch but the eccentric parlor of Folkish pillars ranging riffs and melodies and clean vocals and the various tempos truly made the affects of pride repeated in some kinds of drunken traditional events and villager’s themed caught closely on this debut recording – Habitat with the additional lead guitar by Erik Sprooten, bass player Arjan Hoekstra onto the vocalists: Hanna van Gorcum and Koen de Graaf given their great works there over the psychedelic-tuned music on Zwartwildernis, 1911, O Patrones, Adel des Gemoeds down the streaming through Ondermaans and more. 

Marked the sacred symbols and let your roebuck’s spirits be released free …