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Verso Kartini (Intrapid Music/Gohan 2003)

Amazing ensemble of the lesser-known high-tech maestro performance off these Indonesian musicians whom loving Pink Floyd and Weather Reports much as their vein bleeding Progressive Rock with thus atmospheric grooves addition from Jazz, Folk and Traditional sounds movement.

As Iwan Hasan (guitar,21-string harpguitar, Balinese rindik, electronic percussion and lead vocals), Anto Praboe (flute, soprano, alto & tenor saxophones, clarinet, bass clarinet), Eko Partitur (violin & electronics), Fadhil Indra (keyboards, background vocals), Hayunaji]](premierdrums & electronic percussion), Kiki Caloh (5-strings & fretless bass), Krisna Prameswara (keyboards, midi percussion programming) and Nonnie (lead vocals) really turning your expectations for a brand new possibilities among how Indonesians can actually creating such of this mystical magnificent albums with the totality of both harder to soften parts choruses as well as the thicker build-up traditional incense sounded promising to just being ignored – especially, for those whom liking the Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal much go down the streams onto Jazz tunes and power-mending enclosure towards Discus’ works from their best of the best full length album … Tot Licht! 

From the nine minutes and twenty seconds oepenr via System Manipulation; P.E.S.A.N (message) crowned over its five minutes to thirty-two seconds or even Music 4.5 Players or Anne came across the distance horizon of our listening senses through 07:40 and 19:23. 

Screaming high-toned vocals onto the female sensual goods onto thus variable speed and low tempos remarkably in the making from them – there’s no reasons good enough not to have them.

Tot Licht: