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Verisimilitude (Sony Music Soundtrax 2004)


   Daniel Handler is the main narrator as well a children’s books author being fully respected as his works on Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events being adapted to the big screen starring the hideous wicked Count Olaf (Jim Carrey) a villain stage actor whom craving for not only the Baudelaire Family’s fortune but also the oldest sibling girl – Violet to be his wife with Klaus an intelligent boy trying to keep his orphanage family intact as the little one Sunny Baudelaire is your cute, smart and entirely, sassy infant seeing the death of their other good kind family-related  like Uncle Monty or Dr. Montgomery not by his own black viper snake but did by Stephano (or Olaf in disguise), Aunt Josephine – the eccentric old woman whom living on a cliff-side old house as being obsessed by irrational fears of bad grammar; died tragically to the ferocious flesh-eater Lachrymose Leeches as the house and the boat drowning onto the lake – again by Captain Sham (the mischievous Count Olaf).
   Thomas Montgomery Newman is being lucky to be pointed for the composer and musical established prior of supervised here and Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) stage and screen continues the adventure of those three siblings finally, fight back to unveiling the rotten plans of Count Olaf’s lust for glory above the Baudelaire through the story-telling which raising more interests and mysteries to answers before the film’s end.
   An Unpleasant Incident Involving A Train, Regarding The Incredible Deadly Viper, Concerning Aunt Josephine, The Wide Window, The Regrettable Episode of The Leeches; Loverly Spring onto Attack of The Hook-Handed Man, Snaky Message onto A Woeful Wedding might then, pleasing the lovers of Dark Comedy and Sarcastic points of an America drama movie. 

So, both Mr. Poe and the introvert writer/narrator of the story finally, see how deeply evil the roots of Count Olaf lying fake sweet tongue and dark ideas along the show.