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Vent Ripley’s (Meta4 2017)

   Cross-breed of Industrial Hardcore and Slow-Core Noise Techno parable variants filled up fixing the entire experimental sounds created by the persona non-grata character in Thomas Visser damned to be alive and kicking as this man put on thus curses upon the extra-boomed bass-tastic for these five piece tracks from Strange Arrival – a Netherlands project compilation e.p on this Kane’s Son as the next generations descends of the evil incarnated person of the first cursed male by the creator now being admired and worshiping here for the Electronic views of instant riot beatniks pleasure. Crunchy and distorted sounds and the beats collaborations capturing the dismal blurred transmission over the meaningless Trance-Rave familiar addictions over the Automaton, Sevastopol and 303 Bloodstream.

Whether the recording cover showing us that the ants will conquering the planet by invasion or the terrible hungry Judas grasshopper and cockroaches attacking the mankind straight from the sewer revolution !

Kane's Son: