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Valeriana Snowfall (Not On Label 2017)

Santa Cruz's Dave Murray brought his combinations on Avantgarde experimental to Death Metal/Symphonic Post-Rock as well as Jazz Rock, Folk and Psychedelic instrumental sessions on this metallic pusher the limit recording of the new one whom loving this type of musical performance in virtuoso high techniques to ignoring the album.
As being known as Traun (character) for releasing The Lilac Moon; not as just a drummer anymore but also composer, writer and multi-musician with talents and ideas grabbing the force with Daedelus – the electronic musician and keyboardist/composer Joe Willis, bassist/mandolin Paul McKee, Celloist Lyudmilla Kadyrbaeva to accordionist Adam Stacey  – respectively and recording these conceptual compositions like the evening walk through the alienated world of floating islands and purple flowers as the light goes dim. 
Feel yourself being slowly stepping onto the entrance of the different new realm as the music turning on which playing Aervallis before The Broken Barge comes in following by Inn of The Dreaded Hippy, The Thieving Wall and so did Greywater Hideaway – which mostly, bursts and gone for about one or two minutes more by durations. 
Traun may let itself returning this time as one of the audience’s favorite pick-up artist at the beginning of the early new changing year as prices and pieces sometimes cannot be measured by money alone. 

If you like Elton's Sci-fi theories and story of saga with complicating ends – this album should be yours !

The Lilac Moon: