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Vakken (Independent 2013)

Distorting slasher guitar riffs and mighty influenced from Entombed, The Haunted or Disfear did injecting the force of destructive as centered Sludge-Core bash beats like violence where Szabo “Po Basci” Peter, Szabo “MCR” Marci and Ordog “Ordi” Gabor as hailing themselves from Jaszbereny – Hungary releasing their mini album/E.P record entitled NA (EP) as these five tracks played by thus trio rock-heads really maintaining the meaningful word for chaos by music. 
As the extreme Heavy Rock blasting out from stereo speakers; produced by Peter Sohajda as well being helped by singer/guitarist Shapat Terror came like a sound of thundering real threat for our ears. I.G.O.R shall making any Southern Metal bands and scene fucking proud even if nobody really quite understands about Akopalipszis Fos, Hasszipu and Mindestens 3 or Trecetpety really means in English !

NA (EP):