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Us Sail With (Aeterna Records 2016)

   Germanic cruel-sea crew fighting the giant waves and swashbuckling against the intruders trying to stop the journey through water world of oceans and edge of the globe as Storm Seeker as these mixed genders of Folkish Metal rock-heads sextet band members from Dusseldorf/Neuss consisting of drummer Marius Bornfleth , Patrick Staudle the guitarist, keyboardist Tim Braatz to Sandra Schmitt (cello, vocals), Patty Buchler (hurdy gurdy, whistles, vocals) and Timo Bornfleth (bass, vocals) revenging the least wanted or their gun-powder blistering tempos of the punchy melodic grooves via the provision provides within the extended play recording of Pirate Scum – either telling their own story of piracy or the saga on the sea while being on the high-tide or low-life like sparrow jack the captain, sometimes.
From the double pedals of terrible sword-dueling to thus anthem of shouts and kicking the dance for rums; listening to The Longing, Side By Side, Destined Course and Chop The Head Off and louder the music play – the louder the crowds of wild metal-heads and pirates gathering the luck, the rest of their stories and the thundering struck down the water with vicious legends to tell and share !

Pirate Scum: