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Umai Storm (Foxy Records 2017)

Divinity output and femininity of beauty and crude-force on new genre of Witch-Pop musical blends within Folk, acoustic Rock and beautiful Pop-Electro samplings through the energetic beats variable to reach the outcome on half technology, half human formation of performance just like Annicke Shireen did here on her own. After the unsuccessful past and the futuristic bright lights within this energetic group from the Dutch enthralling voices and magical mystic sounds off Shireen as the other names like Maryn Sies and Thomas Biesmeijer releasing the album debut called  - Matriarch as the world and Folk and Goth Rock dancing together in one single disc playing the music of God, From Fire, Running From Wolves, So Human of You, Threshold, Values in Blood onto Game of Wits and Tiny Boxes all coming to served their own themes as the deliverance filled within both magic and Hi-Tech sounds breaking the barriers between reality and hallucinations.