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U Bat (Muso Entertainment 2013)

   Forming closely, tight after the agreement between Korn’s ex-touring guitar player and hardening drummer/keyboardist: Shane Gibson and Thomas Lang decided to make their own group project of Nu Modern Metal with the touch of female lead singer and that’s when then later – StOrk’s born to the world. Lesser known traced being by the metallic music media but completed to the formation of Eloy Palacios (bass) to Kelly LeMieux (bass guitar) onto the front lady screamer VK Lynne standing tall as a super-group kinds of but through their second recording releases that StOrk really gaining some of their little fame before too damn late and Broken Pieces really did the job well done for quite sometimes.
   Band members mixing their flammable ability towards Progressive Metal and Math-Core to instrumentals or Djent sounds with the quite popular and for the same time – aggressive approaches seems to be looking continuity prolong and valuable before the bad news strikes and Shane’s death of blood-clotting disorder finished the kicking or screaming works for the band. 
   As legacy being recorded there within the melodious songs like Pillow Person, Heretic, Paper Angels, Chainsaw Serenade, Given Away to Delusion and Overflow; you might just wished that the baby humanoid inside the cracked egg would completely a real human being not something came as mutations or dangerous thing fully hatred towards us !

Broken Pieces: