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Trigger 5:14 (Firepower Records 2013)

   One time ago perhaps, you might recognized a DJ/performer named Stan SB as he was born as Stanley Stevenson Byrne – an English producer/song-writer of the Glitch-Hop or Liquid Drum and Bass genre type of music.
Electronic meets Techno and Hip-Hop collision turning wrapped right since then and no more Stan SB but Fox Stevenson is born and raise to fulfilling your heavenly hell party night and hang-out live actions on stages which delivers many recordings so far and adding more elements to his sounds like Dubstep to metallic Techno-Rock to forcing people on head-banger costume private dance-club and mixture liquids between persons listening to Endless as the record EP given away Like You and Give Them Hell. 

Like the listeners before you and the rest of the place shall be saying that he’s going to do it …

Endless EP: