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Transport Crystallen (Mucho Gusto 2009)

One album project of a Disco inferno producer led as a well-done song-writer named Jean-Pierre Massiera or can also being traced to have the aliases of L’Experience 9.

As highlighted the most experienced Experimental-Pop of Psych-Bizarro Rock of French taste as the tales taken from those Green people off the planetary location not too darn far from our solar system and digitally, debunked to be an echoing feelings reserved in a cool medium volume dealer sprocket-spreading out to make anyone who listening to this dancing or moving their bodies in a sensual type of conditions; re-edition over the integrals of a recording performance with an anti-gravity works of artistic through the infamous Space Woman. 

Psychosis sounds and old-classic Disco stuff led the songs of Spirits in The Wind, The Last Tournament, Space Rebel; Indian Planet, Hanged in The Universe and Jupiter Flight No. 9 being releases like the avec exploits – brought the broadcasting messages on Funky sexual and thus arousing atmosphere came to our world – strangely, amusing. 

Space Woman: