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Time To Meet God (Mexican Summer 2017)

Denouncing the biblical creator's existence by smiling and laugh sounds of music Dedicated To Bobby Jameson – some LA finest Indie musician just like the artists who recording this weird Pop-Indie tunes among his non-presence of this world but Ariel Pink becoming his own iconoclast and trailblazers of the liking inspirations about The Cure, Cabaret Voltaire to Velvet Underground as redefining the lexicon of noise Pop listening examples and experimented as the mission for remaining his to the last of days. The constitute of artifice or theatrical disposable realm on keyboards anthems melodic or fine vocals floating like a reborn Pop songs jamming like a long gone prodigals finding their way back and recharged as battery with the milestone tunes like Death Patrol, Time To Live, Santa’s in The Closet, Feels Like Heaven and Dreamdate Narcissist or I Wanna Be Young might be sounded like a question asking too much many times.

The direct heartfelt comes to men the silliness and the exclusive moods back to normal oddity level.

Dedicated To Bobby Jameson: