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Three Death (P572 2012)

Anything is possible to be combined just like how these Quebec of Canadian Progressive Punk Metal band baptizing themselves as Oromocto Diamond or how their national fans calling them either a Plancton Punk duo or a Dance Punk Comedy performers led by Sam Murdock (bass) and Jean-Sebastien Grondin (drums) collaborating their smart-ideas on presenting more than just an average free-style music on this occasion and as the results we got a second releasing called Le Choc D’Oromocto; having the song number six – Le Choc Des Diamants where we can also heard how the keyboardists like Darren Hayman or Phillip Clark, organists Jean-Phillip Tanguay,  saxophonist Ashley Beattie or thus narrator like Johnny Rottweiler and vocalist Shiloh Harrison mixed themselves altogether as well as how Aidan Norton performing keyboards for the closing track Our Love will Fail and as these finest seven songs comes proudly unique and perhaps, won’t making you bored to listen to them – just remember that Fresh Blood cannot be having the same meaning as Oh God It’s Red, friends.