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Thee Ov :51 (Not On Label 2016)

Second chance exploding characters of music sounds for Avant-Garde Prog-Rock, Xenochrony Jazz concrete specs-tunes and Noise Electro plus acoustic as L Borgia Rossetti, Tiziano Aramis, Bruno Leal to L. Gobel and Luciano Bellon being brought together as the resulting influences of hardened reacts over the interest on psycho-analysis, surrealism, sci-fi spacing, depression horro, literature, novels to comics and giant robots as well as Throbbing Gristle, Voivod or Soft Machine; proving that the band’s album for Cult of Dementia has made Esmectatons kinds of these Sao Paulo huge Technical Progressive Rock/Metal currently, represents the non-deleted Speedcore or Experimental Electronic Noise collisions are here like deranged Breakcore and Digital Hardcore only for two tracks available.

The longest adventurous songs to make way parted the separable paths of imaginations within the cranking or silly warning signs over the tunes or the harmonic deliberation can be heard through Escape From The Fruit Basket Euphoria leading the first to the last notes for over twenty one minutes and fifty seconds top. Because of this you may also killing a cat – later.

Cult Of Dementia: