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The Visitors Pray (Concord Records 2006)

   Various – Music From and Inspired by The Motion Picture Babel not only the plain parts of stage & screen soundtrack which carries half of the scenery taken from the same movie about the global tales around different people on different continents connect as they’re related to one another when events occurred in their lives; whether it’s adventurously mess or intriguing and sad or just a coincidence happened by fate concludes must be like a reality check for the characters here such as the reflected sequence of a gunshot hitting an middle age female tourist, the goat-herder siblings kids playing illegal rifle; couple leaving their children for an exotic vacation, a desperate girl on a lack of love from her father, a suicidal mother and the curious detective or the baby-sitter and her newly-wed son as they’re crossing borders, countries thousand miles away in search for something as Babel given taste to the audiences the exact message of romance, tragedy and ordinary by the lyrics or the atmosphere attempts collectively touchy within the surprising stories that connect one another.

Gustavo Santolalla works there for songs like Tazarine, Deportation/Iguazu, Hiding It and Tribal or Rip Slyme’s Masterpiece to the merry joy background held by Earth Wind and Fire/Fatboy Slim’s collaboration on September/Joker way down to Jugo A La Vida by Los Tucanes De Tijuana or Gekkoh by Susumu Yakota to Daniel Luna’s El Besito Cachicurris starring the casts like Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett among others; seeing life through many different eyes and cultures to colliding – met in a strange remote place somewhere.

Music From and Inspired By The Motion Picture Babel: