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The Urgency (Independent 2015)

Self-produced on the latest angst album-themed imperfectly, turning the temperature hotter like hell as the mosh-pit won’t stopping since the play button started by these uniting rock-heads from The Netherlands, Italy and Germany; building their own solid group performing fast, dangerous and relentless Old School style and skills for your fucking ears here are: Lennard (drums), Giuly (bass), Marco (guitars) and Simo Putzu (vocals) as being totally influenced by the likes for only Punk/Metal/Hardcore calling themselves Traces Of You.
The killers riff-age that slaying necks or the double pedals of raging drum-sets may causing broken bones to some listeners whom didn’t make it on saving themselves the anonymous consequence of an immediate danger carried by the music like this blasts. Deliverance showing the world about how powerful figures and dogmas can really be a weapon of mass destruction as the mind-controlling goes within; the sacrifice of thousands might being signaled as a temporary needing to cleansing the planet and make it a better place by the ruling race. 
Find the truth among and along the lyrics and lessons provided for free by the tracks like Realization and Bliss, We Can’t Be Defeated, Downward Trend onto At Any Cost – paying the price of your comfortable living by enslaving others under gods.