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The Pill (Self-Released 2012)

   Londoners UK’s the type of dimension when Joan Jett and The Blackhearts decided to leave their soil on the move to England and adding quite some British-Indie Punk Rock over their music would be like how the real story about the band of three girls being formed with the picking changed over the name Catfight to Gasoline Thrill as the beauty three: Martha Lewis (guitars), Samara Kain (vocals, guitars), Monica Nix (bass) and a drummer boy Dave Guy completing their outstanding productions for writing music, arranging Punk-Rock Pop angst of the seminal Riotgrrrrl spirits and high powered dynamic performance reflecting the “Helter Skelter” of Goth-glamour acts on tendencies standard tempos or harmonies over the adult Alternative Pop-Rock blistering over the album Burn and from the edgy songs like Leeches, Enemy, Walking On Steel, Let Me Down, So Be It and Burn The Flame added the rebel yells comforts carried by the female oriented show of rock that adding sexiness and beauty and scent of a woman to luring man into the trap.