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The Masterplan (RCA 1992)


   What would you do to have a very fucking awesome weekend listening to AC/DC music and party in cover version that blasting the freaking Rock show out of you and drunk sincerity smiling or screaming by selling your soul to the demon or killing your parents ?
Not necessarily needed cause AB/CD is here to entertaining you with – yes ! 
Not just an original cover but their real copycat self-written new music that shall blasting your rocks off in minutes. 
   Bring all your friends and babes and the booze and beers as well and lighten-up the very best hang-out conversion to Hard Rock ever made this year right under your basement or on your abandoned backyard or as usual – the destruction of your living room and house interiors when your parents doing their own thing in bed as nobody cares anymore about morality or just being a little too much sarcastic just for several days and nights through this album infiltration on The Rock N’ Roll Devil with our Swedish Rock-heads Bengus and Nalcolm (guitars), Fill Rules (drums), Clim (bass) and Brijan + McScot on vocals as AB/CD (get it !) Your Name on My Bullet, Love-Doll, Jackpot Bingo, Booze Blues or Harley Davidson may causing heavily drinks, drunken attitude problems, pussy licking, tits suckling, bad-breath and sweaty nude woman dancing on the table like crazy.

The Rock 'N' Roll Devil: