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The Crystal Cave (Varese Sarabande 2009)

   Modern Classical scoring from Michael Giacchino for Land of The Lost (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) adventure with Will Farrell starring as Dr. Rick Marshall paleontologist and determined author successfully, proving his theory of time-warp though the real experiences accompanied by his big fan and hot-pants assistance Holly Cantrell as well as Will Stanton the bummed owner of a gift-shop and mystery cave where three of them encountering the vortex gate opens and sucking them up on a raft.
   Missing in time traveling to the future past as there’s no beginning or ends over the place as dinosaurs roaring hard and free, the desert seems to be endless, the swampy forest rules by the underground lizard men known as Sleestak with the good leader The Zarn killed by Erik the evil one on his plan to invading and conquering the world of men. As the adventures getting intense and silly but entertaining; we would also thank Cha-Ka the primitive primate-like humanoid clever enough for being helpful to the group escaping the traveling time and stop the Sleestak from destroying their world – the background soundtrack music did its part for making the film alive and confusingly, intrigued. 
Food Coma For Thought, A Routine Expedition, The Ones That Got Away, The Cosmic Lost and Found, When Piss on Your Head is a Bad Idea, Pterodactyl Ptemper Ptantrum and If You Don’ Make it It’s Your Own Damn Vault to Pop Goes The Sleestak giving the electronic-based instrumental music in orchestra a great portions between your gargling laughs and cynic opinions about the possibilities on the percentages for doing it and came back … 

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