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The Carnage Flower (Maverick 2003)

   The bloodiest revenge of a survival victim – The Bride from her malicious disbanded group of Deadly Viper assassination squad led by Bill whom not only wounded her, destroys her wedding ceremony and then, shot her in the head as she’s pregnant and lies dying – left behind. Not dead as Uma Thurman comes back from the dead for the payback on her former gang targeting Vernita Green by a knife throwing to her chest then as the movie – Kill Bill: Volume I starring David Carradine, Lucy Liu, Daryl Hannah, etc directed by Quentin Tarantino whose always being known for his signature of raw riots, blood-bath and gory scenes portraying when the four-year comatose The Bride character awakens to find out that she’s being raped several times while in hospital but manage to escape, planning to find Bill and his crew and avenged her hatred on them.
   Crossing to Japan to meet legendary swordsmith Hattori Hanzo to track-down rampage The House of Blue Leaves where she found O-Ren Ishii as she fight like hell assassinated all the yakuza army of Crazy 88 including the cute dangerous schoolgirl Gogo Yubari as finishing the blood-shed final sword clashing with O-Ren and manage to kill her in the restaurant’s Japanese garden. 
The torturing of O-Ren’s cute assistant Sofie Fatale gave both information about Bill presence and to the man himself that The Bride is on her way for vengeance on this first part of the film as the V.A. Kill Bill Vol.1 Original Soundtrack being compiled by RZA trusting us to led the happening chaos punching, kicking or the flash-back suspends via Folk Rock, Country, Rock n’ Roll, Electronic or Thug Rap and movie effects through mostly classics tunes like Isaac Hayes’ Run Fay Run, Al Hirt on Green Hornet, Nancy Sinatra singing Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down), Tomoyasu Hotei in Battle without Honor or Humanity; Santa Esmeralda for Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood/Esmeralda Suite, The 5,6,7,8’s performing Woo Hoo or Lucy Liu and Julie Dryfus dialogue for Queen of The Crime Council completed the first chapter of Black Mamba’s story of life seeking justice, freedom and peace after killing all her enemies.