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The Caravan Freeway (Legend Recordings 2011)

   By having the influences from Mark Lanegan, Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley to Radiohead or The Beatles; Vavagiannis Antonis, Vasiliadis Babis, Fetsis Panagiotis, Kallimanis Christos and Solomos Nikos to Pantzari Kaiti from Anthens, Greece forming their indie band named Empty Frame to be then, becoming the most of one of thus talked-about bands around the local level sharing their Alternative Folk-Rock as the debut album release through the distorted and artistic on the soften/menacing musical performance called They Think We Are Eskimos. 

Melodies floating and flown across the inner tubular ethnic and modern collaborations of music by the rock sources made by both millennium courageous course ideas and traditional stings arrangements altogether with the deep voice vocals and led guitar of Pop-tunes intact to the core as you walk with the dog on ice. 

Go having the time of your life through the displaying over Eternity, No Borders, Take Over The City, Lullaby, Funerals For The Living; The Hangman’s Son followed by Child’s Play or Little Ghost. Sometimes you get the feelings on faster tempos or the slower beats resting from the snowy cold …

They Think We Are Eskimos: