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The Calculation Futility (I Voidhanger 2017)

Jyvaskyla – Finland’s never been sounding so wrongly right when it comes to exporting more extreme metal bands from its corners to the worldwide pathetic globe to be shocked completely.

From several members of their ex-group like Charnel Winds, Arvet or Funerary Bell and Nodian; Wrong (vocals), Not and Down (guitars), Never (drums) and Sandh (bass guitar) has been terribly, releasing their third so far full length recordings through The Process Of Self-becoming by the helping hands of evil label from Italy. 

As the curtains opened and the rest of thus trace of barbarism acts happened inside the cabin shown that the sub-titles for Aesthetic III – The Ridiculous Difficulty of Acceptance or Moral II – The Pride of Despair as well as Religious I – The Bedrock Gives Way presenting most of our humanity fake thrilling issues and nightmares wrapped onto a package of healthy white lies to promote as how we ignoring how damned we all are for not noticing that even inside the creator’s lights there’s a sin to commit.

The Process of Self-Becoming: