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The Autographs Happy (UMG 2004)

The interesting story begins as Viktor Navorski whom arrives at JFK international airport found out that his passport is invalid due to the crisis of war back on his home-country. Stranded and cannot continues his plan to visit the local legendary Jazz pub; Viktor must maintaining his presence only around this airport as the authority commands him so or he’ll be deported back if running away. Several days to weeks to months staying there with lucky friendly charms of him making friends and money from collecting the strollers back to where it belongs as well as meeting a gorgeous stewardess, a grumpy cleaning service, catering man, custom officer and got his own hostel on the some section still at works as he helps to build as an illegal employee.
Settles doesn’t mean that Mr. Navorski feels happy at all; The Terminal shows the audiences about the drama of someone’s life being stuck from catching his dreams or finishing someone else’s last demand to fulfilling destiny rebuilds there on JFK airport which tolerates the scoring musical by John Williams composing the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack through the beautiful and confusing and fun instrumentals on Dnner with Amelia, A Legend is Born, The Fountain Scene, Refusing To Escape, Krakhozia National Anthem and Homesickness as well surprising as Gupta’s Deliverance or Finding Coins and Learning to Read must be a great beginning to the end of the movie  finale moves for Viktor to make his dream a realization as well as others do to. 

Tom Hanks performing one of his best silly accent and a good image from a kind person never smiles alone …

The Terminal - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: