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Thalassa Halcyon (Topshell Records 2014)

   Releasing two extended plays over one tour demo tape; the regular lives for this Ridgewood, NJ group name Prawn is actually – extensive on touring the US areas since Summer of the mid-new millennium times and since the releasing of their first debut full-length, touring UK an Europe is made a trip supporting it. Five-piece Emo-Rock, Indie Rock and Post-Rock as the likes for Brand New, Sunny Day Real Estate or Bon Iver and Death Cab For Cutie shall remains you to sit back and enjoying the rest of thus harmony and feedback between distorting soft-flanger tones and rocky edge via Prolonged Exposure, Dialect Of, Glass Irony and First as Tragedy Second as Farce might giving the primary interest moves on to the second album from Prawn: Kingfisher. Mature enough to capturing more good souls who loves to have their emotions blended by the hard sounds and romance written in glad-stone.