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Testament Zero (Yurt Attack 2016)

When one needs to vomit the ejaculating diaphragm in distant hissing by ears listening get your equipment gears of experimental brain-melting, Progressive Psychedelic of sonic attack by colliding noises project as this Yurt on III - Molluskkepokk recording drilled onto your mindless head completely slower, painful and torturing as fuck. A unit with criteria comes to conducting more darken experiments off the unlikely, anti-mainstream underground phase of elders visuals or texts by the sonic Yurt commencing by the performance of (bass, vocals, electronic, artwork) from Boz Mugabe, (guitar, vocals, electronic) by Steven Anderson and (percussion) from Andrew Bushe; the aromatic of deadly bangs or techniques in riff-age programming might giving you a great curse while the beats are intense and fully conceptual within the protein of evil deeds tales. Led your madness towards Sjambok, Parasitic Cabal and A Lesion in The Chrysalis – may the day being totally, destroyed by time when one felt nothing …