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Ten Pura (Bandcamp 2015)

   Glitching their existence by the music like a good temporary allergies within the exotic sounds ever thinking of by these Fukuya, Japan crew mastering the quirky innovative and exhilarating noted tunes combined onto one single gigantic beats producing by engineered completely within your undoubtedly releasing for the snap-shot of a lamb’s behind towards Gohum.
An agreement album envisions edition during the discounted payment  for ten tracks commercial commission too familiar to be called a developing for Mothercoat (band) cult sensation across many places which accepting their sounds such as UK and North America. 
The horizon looks strange as well those pinkish looking cattle but the blueish building mixed them all brand new interesting and as Nipple Cider to KiDman, Mackerelger, U.N.O, Waltzheimer or Good Bye as being released as an improvement mastering sale edition for your pleasure addict on Indie-Pop weirdness sensation made out land of ex-soho models.