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Syrian Rue (Berceuse Heroique 2016)

   Where there’s a sign of Don’t DJ shown out through your alleyways downtown or on the small rusty billboards or thus flayers being tossed by the wind onto you – give the presence a chance to those whom loved for being a bit weirdy on a situation where Florian Meyer must be your man carrying his brand new third recording full-beats and experimental performance representing the actual blends off House, Techno, Depp House to Tribal African Dance Electronic entitled – Musique Acephale. Futuristic meets the desire of old ancient prehistoric on a quest for interracial uniting tribes of one nation under the beat-box of much samples and noise experiments from a brilliant head of Mr. Meyer or one should calling him by fame as Don’t DJ for composing, producing and arranging those geometric figures and shapes of colors being pressed onto a disc filled with tracks of instrumental beats which not sounding too popular but still blessed with rhythmic.

Consumes through Pornoire, Evocation in Desert Ruins, Polyamory, Highbreeds or The Grey Shrine and think for the mankind existence making music – just music because it is good to hear !

Musique Acephale: