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Sunrise Electric (Not On Label 2016)

Wrote music and playing guitars might not easily can be written as his portfolio in music career for this Sydney’s master virtuoso with talents of a giant warehouse. Being one of the most rising stars in Djent Rock genre scenery today – Plini and his friends already would mesmerizing some of you knowing his trademark works on other groups recordings or singles online.

The age of multi-cultural plural sounds emerged within the elements of Progressive instrumentals Rock as well Djent/Nu-Jazz as influenced by the past heroes or the future thoughts as affecting for Plini Roessler-Holgate in releasing his debut full length – Handmade Cities; where the story of extinctions begin to end as well as folklore legacy and scientific facts colliding to make a same indifference format a new unite for Rock Music for public through-out Inhale, Pastures, Here We Are Again, Cascade or Every Piece Matters. 

From the depth of double pedals grooves onto the hits of melodic solos as well as thus magic riffs and no resemblance for human voice to interact – sometimes looks good.

Handmade Cities: