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Sugar Walls (Dirty Water Records 2017)

   Linda Rydelius, Phillipe Sainz, Marie Bergqvist to Stefan Young Sik Olsson from Gothenburg, Sweden as a Garage and Punk-Rock collaborating unit calling themselves – Baronen & Satan; driving the vast energy of being scattered and torn apart as thus distortion leads the powering tunes that would amazed your attention down shaken by the high-pitched tuning out rocking bash as appearance  within the releasing for Satan is A Lady album.
   The female-fronted singer led trio knows that it is never too damn late to spitting a front as their mixture rhythmic sounds influenced both by original affections for the likes of The Germs, The Circle Jerks and Palm-Olive group really make this shit happens to surfacing the frontal side of your collection Punk/Garage recording. Bring on Comet, Headcuts, Asskisser and Underwater Love to make your head blown-up like a balloon of problems the world has release on air or the waves of mind-control from the nemesis over these ten songs.

Satan is A Lady: