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Subversive Self (Lacerated Enemy 2010)

   United States of Brutal Death Metal manage to make their existence familiarly, prolong from decades of trendy popularity matches to sta underground and dangerous as usual and now – the rest of Los Angeles’ scenery of Death-Metallers new young generations like Savagery or Savage Butchery may spreading their anti-social thoughts and written lyrics works upon your beloved glamour town areas; changed the landscapes with blasphemy, tortures, death and apocalypse themes exploding from deep inside human pain and transformed onto act of cruelty, the trait of being savage in a savage act. As the quartet of maniacal creature spawning to earth for destruction and soul consuming here’s the crew performance of blast metallic sounds: Javier (drums), Adam (guitars), Victor (vocals) and Luis (guitars) shall reforming your true concepts about friendly aliens or another dimension inhabitants whether it is happening as the portal opens or an awaited for any fans of Decrepit Birth or Spawn of Possession with thus slamming brutality of Old-School Death Metal to the melodic solo guitars for the mystic intros over the album of Volatile.

Crank them all up: Neurotic Pathology, Malevolence, Extermination of The Weak and Fractal Illusions.