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Stumble Promised (Century Media 1997)

Modern blasts of Nu-Metal grooves out from San Francisco – California might never dissolved to predicts about how they’re just started as a new project group with less fame where nobody’s even knowing them before the day Skinlab releasing their infamous recording number one or debut on behalf of the former idealistic rock-heads – vocalist/bassist Steev Esquivel and used to fronting the Bay Area's Thrasher juggernaut Defiance as well as the six-strings shredder Mike Roberts with Gary Wendt, Paul Hopkins and Scott Sargeant in the making of their own Cross-Over sounds between Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal and Hardcore in Bound, Gagged and Blindfolded.

Most of the tracks crashing the anti-tenderness music that When Pain Comes to Surface, Dissolve, Paleface, Down and The Art of Suffering; resting the days of Pop-tinged products at the end of the late of ninety-seven back to the reclaiming rock sounds of the real thoughts of the anti-establishment.

Bound, Gagged And Blindfolded: