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Strindbergian Fire (Scarecrow Music Group 2010)

Some within the times of when Symphonic Heavy Metal epic sagas ruling your interest as the former members comes and go;as well as the newer recruits or the survival since the beginning for the group performing of their Blackened Death metal with harmonic sensations required onto their mystical music blasphemously, blasts  whose being played by vocalist Nephente, guitarist/keyboardist Bizmark, Johan Nord or Erik Rojas the drummer or Love Stark or Adrian Erlandsson just like Tobias Gustafsson (bass, vocals) revealing the release second albums from Netherbird entitled Monument Black Colossal bringing the roots of Black Metal and harder tensions over the artistic progressions erupt from deeper meaning of darker thoughts and themes via The Faraway View, White Noise Sky in Overdrive, At The Bottom of The Crystal Artery and more above In The Eyes of Time or A Shadow in The Garden of Darkness.

Raw vocals, fast drumming and slicer riffs demanded there from the fanatic metal-heads to head bang and the statue represents the eternity lies beneath the perfect death or torturing moment of the stopping time in mankind’s story.

Monument Black Colossal: